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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Four finals, done! One more presentation to give next week, then a month off. Let me take a moment to reflect on my accomplishments.

OK, done with that.

Moving on ...

Spring 06

  • Immunobiology
  • Artificial Intelligence or Biostatistics (I'll axe one)
  • Independent Study (Neural network solution for DNA knot topolgy)
  • SAS Programming (Crash course at UT Southwestern)

Other things I need to get on

  • Socializing (big sorry to my neglected friends)
  • Yoga (there is looming danger of dragging out the fat boy jeans, lol)
  • New cities (3 scheduled trips to 3 new cities :)

Thats it for today ... go forth and kick ass !


Blogger Brian said...

Congratulations on getting through the finals and good luck with the rest of your busy schedule. Bet your eager for a month off!

1:44 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Brian ... definitely looking forward to the time off!

4:57 PM


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