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Friday, October 21, 2005

Scraping W For Hotties

I really need to start carrying my camera everywhere. I missed a priceless photo op in the campus parking lot yesterday.

I parked between the two SUVs, feeling a little claustrophobic, considering my car could fit into the back of either. One SUV had a young man attached to the bumper. The young man had a paint scraper. He was scraping a W 04 sticker off the back window. I loved it.

Me: Feeling guilty about your choice, are you?

Kid: Huh? Oh, no man I didn't vote for him.

Me: Why the sticker?

Kid: My dad gave me this car to get back and forth to school.

Me: Ah, feeling guilty about his choice then.

Kid: No, I'm selling it, easier to dump without the sticker.

Me: Good point but why are you selling a vehicle you aren't paying for?

Kid: I can't afford the $110 a week to get back and forth!

Me: $110 a week, Holy Crap! (remind me not to complain about my $40 a week)

Kid (laughing): Yeah, and its impossible to pick up the hotties with this on the back of my car!



Blogger Noeha said...

Ah...the priorities of youth today...!

8:27 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Funny isnt it. #1: Hotties, about #30: Finances, about #100: Politics.

Ah, to be 19 again :)

10:36 AM

Blogger Brian said...

Hmmm, this could inspire some new slogans for the Democratic party:
"Support Democrats - because we're easy!"
"Vote Democrat - pick up hotties!"
"It's easy to get laid when you're a Democrat!"

10:49 AM

Blogger Jim said...

LOL Brian,

I think that would get the 19-year old male vote :)

7:04 PM

Blogger Matthew said...

Now THIS made me smile!

7:31 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Glad I could give a smile Matt :)

10:20 PM


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