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Sunday, October 16, 2005

HIV Prof Returns

Some of you may remember HIV Prof from the Molecular and Cell Biology of HIV course that I took over the summer. He is definitely my favorite professor of all time. I like that he can get down with language and instantly melt the generation barrier between himself and the cast of 20-somethings in his audience.

HIV Prof is teaching the second half of Molecular and Cell Biology. He started this past Wednesday. Me and friend Lauren (also in the HIV course) took bets on when HIV Prof would unleash his unusually effective technique on the unsuspecting class. It took 5 minutes.

So you see here (pointing to chart) the ribosome basically deficates the protein out of its anus. After protein has been squeezed out of the ribsome's hole, the protein has many paths it can take depending on many factors, including its localization signal. And thats the subject of today's lecture.

Lauren and I were on the floor laughing, I think the rest of the class was in shock momentarily, then HIV prof giggled, his captive audience followed suit.

I love this guy!


Blogger Adam said...

I love it! I had many professors like that in college too. One of my favorites was my micro professor who would use peppered language to describe the internal workings of prokaryotes. It helped of course that he taught the class with a coffee mug (with his dogs pictured on it) of brandy. Nonetheless his pedagogy was a success!

10:31 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Brandy, excellent teaching aid! I wish I would have had more profs like HIV Prof in my undergrad but at UC Berkeley that did not happen, ever!

5:12 PM

Blogger Noeha said...

Ok, I think I definitely need to take a day off and crash your class - if nothing else, for the amusement factor and some 25-year-olds!

9:41 PM

Blogger Jim said...

LOL, you are welcome to join us, I think Lauren would get a kick out of it ! :)

9:48 PM


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