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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Boy Bullets, Salidas

Yes, I'm still alive. I think I'm glad Spring Break is coming ... I need the time to do those silly things like sleep and buy groceries :)

Where was I? Yes, the boy update.

The Extrovert

Done. I actually liked The Extrovert, despite his goofy, over-enthusiastic personality. What I didnt like about him were his friends. I wont go into those details but you know when you dont like the friends its time to move on. The Extrovert wants to remain friends but since we met through mutual friends its an obligatory gesture that consists of a couple of months of benign 'how you doin's" and then he's vapor.

Round Up Guy
No, I didnt meet him at the Round Up, its was at Krogers. He picked one of the Morning Star Farms Mushroom Burgers out of my basket then threw it back in with a 'Hey, why dont you try eating some real meat!'. You know I love good banter since I inherited several copies of the smartass gene. So I picked one the Marie Calendars frozen dinners out of his basket and said 'Maybe you should install a home defibrillator'.

Naturally he took this as a come on.

I went out with RU Guy because he had Marlboro Man good looks. Yes, I do know that is not enough, thanks :) So the coffee date was going well until I started to noticed that about all he had to talk about was he and his friends going out at the Round Up. For those of you who dont know, this is Dallas gay C&W bar. We got on the conversation of how often I went there. I answered, occasionally. He said he went occasionally too. My occassionally was twice in 8 years, his was 4 times a week. Seeing the discrepancy?

I don't care if someone goes out, really, just as long as I don't have to. This is where things went wrong. He started accusing me of not showing community support because I dont go out often. Then I had to explain that bar hopping is a low priority event and we, here in adult land, have to make decisions based on resource constraints (read time, money and interest) so that was something I cut out. Believe it or not he got very combative and embarassingly loud over this issue, which personally I consider trivial. So, I politely excused myself faking homework deadlines.

Moron. Thanks RU Guy, you can pick up your consolation prize backstage with the other underacheivers who didn't pass the elementary life prerequistites :)

So those are the salidas (exits), next the entradas (entries).

¡Hasta luego!


Blogger Adam said...

Wow you meet the freaks too! I'm glad its not just me.

10:50 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Yes I do. I think its just sheer freak-density in this city that is the problem for us :)

1:33 PM

Blogger ScottyFerguson said...

Adam your comment goes for me as well! Sorry Jim .These folks seem to be everywhere parading around like normal people.
I'm glad you don't hang on to them like a cat stuck on a wool sweater. Thinking that there is something good to come of the relationship eventually.

You've given me good avice in the past and now you lead by example.

12:10 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Scotty, you're welcome. Glad I could help you out in some way :)

2:53 PM


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