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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Stick It Again, Mom

Spring is now officially closed.


Blogger Sangroncito said...

¬°Que bueno! ¬°Sacaste un A! Te mereces unas vacaciones en Colombia.

8:16 PM

Blogger Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

Wow,, a poover, And smart!
You're awesome! lo quiero.

10:46 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Gracias amigo y tienes razon, necisito viajar a Columbia. Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, y otras partes tambien :)

7:34 AM

Blogger Jim said...

You know I've got my poove on, Daniel :)

8:18 AM

Anonymous hb jock said...

Congratulations stud!! Muy bueno!! :)) Oh and by the way, thanks for your encouragement on my insomnia posting.. yeah I've found that meditation really does relax me and put me to sleep :). I was just incredibly bored that night and wanted to type something...

9:07 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks HB, and youre welcome too. I hear you some nights are like that for me too :)

10:20 PM


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