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Friday, May 05, 2006


When I first bought this place in 1997, I gutted it, completely, then started over. As part of that I had my general contractor hire some painters. The instructions were clear: white, no oil-based paint. Unfortunately white comes in many shades and I was stuck with Antique White, which is yellow-ish and it was oil-based and most importantly, they did a crappy job. I wasn't here when the painting occurred and my GC obviously couldnt tell the difference between a good job and bad job. When I finally tracked down the painter, he had been arrested on possession. Great! LOL.

I've lived with it for 8 years, simply keeping the lights low and painting everything else to match. Now that the unit will be going on the market is was time to suck it up and redo the whole thing.

See the difference between actual white (cabinets) and antique white (door)?

Notice the new wall color, the old color (ceiling) turned out more purple, even though the sample was light blue. I now loathe Ralph Lauren paints for that reason.

The dining room looks much cleaner in white than that silvery-gold color.

Buddha is approving of his cleaner view of the kitchen (although the flash makes this look much whiter than it is, lol)

In tandem with the whitening of the townhome, I have also been whitening my teeth. During my journey through another round of root canals I asked my dentist if any of the OTC bleaching products actually worked. He recommended Crest Whitestrips. So I tried them. Holy crap, years of caffiene abuse instantly wiped clean, amazing stuff! He did tell me to be careful however, some people have gone so far with the bleaching that now their teeth are starting to show the natural reds and blues that come with white. Gross! LOL.

He also recommended baking soda for brushing my teeth along with just the smallest amount of toothpaste. He said the baking soda counteracts the high-acid exposure for anyone who drinks alot of coffee, tea or soft drinks.


Blogger Jim said...

Well, let me just say this: Be ready when you put the condo on the market. That one's gonna sell fast! You've done such an incredible job with the many unique updates. Looks awesome!
The additions to the kitchen are very nice! :)

10:09 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Jimbo, that means alot coming from the style king!

1:26 PM

Blogger Sangroncito said...

The house is looking good!

I took teeth whitening one step further...I had my dentist cover all my upper teeth with veneers! If you had seen my teeth before, you'd understand why. Parents should never give tetracyciline to their stains the teeth (but back in the 50's who knew).

2:21 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Sangroncito!

Oh yeah, that tetrcyciline thing took everyone by surprise. But your teeth look great when you smile now :)

5:07 PM

Blogger Matthew said...

Jim - I have been out of the loop due to technical difficulties - are you leaving dallas?

6:49 PM

Blogger Jim said...

About 95% sure I will, Matt. Opportunities are much better in other cities.

7:14 PM

Blogger Homer said...

You'd be horrified by my house- no white walls! Every room is a different color. Mango, blue, olive, yellow, sage, red/gold, and light blue.

9:23 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Homer, I like color on walls, I just dont like dingy, crappily (new word, BTW :) painted moldings and cabinets.

4:20 PM

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...

The condo looks great. What cities are you looking at moving to?

7:33 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Steve. Looking primarily at Austin, Atlanta, Raleigh, San Diego, Houston, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle and Las Vegas. I will however go to the (cost of living adjusted) highest bidder, wherever that might take me :)

11:37 PM

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...

My vote is Raleigh and Austin.

6:41 PM

Blogger Jim said...

We'll see what happens this summer Steve! :)

8:47 PM


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