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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where Was I Again?

Electrical Guy, Window Guy, and Virtual Tour Guy came and went this week. The virtual tour process is fun and I think I have extreme camera-envy of Virtual Tour Guy's equipment (camera, Scott, camera, lol). Virtual Tour Guy hands off the images to Realtor Girl today so we should list tomorrow. My worst fear is that will sell in one day and then I will have no place to live, lol.

I have boxes crammed into every available space in every clost, under the bed and in all my cabinets. The place still looks lived in but I think I'm about 60% packed. I need to start chucking out clothes by the ton; there are some seriously offensive International Male shirts that I will take to the dumpster tonight. I'll wear a hat. And sunglasses. The shame, lol.

Still interviewing. I did a stupid thing and uploaded myself onto Monster and Careerbuilder this week so that has opened up a Pandora's box of options, some are actually in Dallas. I wanted to cast a wider net in case the two I really want do not pan out. I have my final ATL and HOU interviews next week, so I should know where I'm going by mid-March.

I'm almost done with Medical Terminology class (self-paced), I decided to get that one off my task list before I move. Hebrew class is getting deep into vocab and grammar now, probably by the time I go to Israel in October I will be speaking like a two year old ;)

Another going away dinner tonight at a new-for-me Lebanese, followed by a going away movie-date with The Extrovert, so that should be eventful.



Blogger purpletwinkie said...

Are you talking to me with that "equipment" reference?

10:41 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Yes Scott :)

7:05 AM

Anonymous Jason said...

Sounds like everything is coming together nicely. I wish Matt's house would sell that fast! The condo closes in 35 days!

I like how you give specific names to people based on their career or character, it's very "Friends-ish".

International Male. lol. There's a catalog I haven't seen in awhile. Who really wears underwear that looks like macramé?

7:23 AM

Blogger Jim said...


35 days will fly by!

I usually dont use their real names unless they've told me its ok - same with posting pics. Someone else told me it was a very Karen Walker thing to do.

No macrame underwwear but I have loads of see-through stretchy shirts, lol. Ick, what was I thinking?

7:36 AM


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