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Sunday, March 29, 2009

BCN: Miró

Along the eastern edge of Montjüic lies The Miró Museum. Even if you are very familiar with Miró's work, you will see pieces here that will surprise you, particularly the paintings from early in his career.

The museum is very thoughtfully spaced and lighted; the architecture includes walkout decks to showcase some of Miró's brighter, metal-based sculptures. They are simply stunning against the starck white stucco of the exterior and the deep blue of the sky.

Another surprise, the in-house cafe is excellent and reasonably priced, so make sure to stop for bocadillos (small sandwich) and cafe solo (espresso).

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Blogger JC said...

all these pictures make me want to add Barcelona to my list of 'must seeplaces'

11:19 PM

Blogger Jim said...

It is a must see; one of my top 5 places in the world!

6:56 AM


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