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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Why Barcelona? Believe it or not I decided to go while I was watching the film Vicky Christina Barcelona. I realized during the film that most of Gaudí's architecture was in Barcelona. Not only that but Miró and Picasso were also rooted in the city. Then there's a port, mountains, sea, cava and of course actual real tapas from the experts.

Also, since my sister is turing the big four O this year and had never been out fo the country, the trip to Barcelona was an early birthday present to her (and Christmas, Easter, New Years and Thanksgiving). Also, it was my evil plan to let her see that there is so much more life beyond her troubled relationship with her estranged husband. It was certainly a success in that context, she gets it now, there is more to life.

Since its late and I'm not going to get much blogging done tonight, here is an introduction to our trip.

Ferran & Sister - Barcelona, Catalonia

Ferran is a lovely man we met while in Barcelona. He was so helpful at explaining the Catalonian culture, the Catalan language and the do and do nots of the city, that we kind of adopted him.

Tomorrow, La Sagrada Familia, one of Gaudí's most interesting creations and certainly one of the longest running projects in history, now in its 120th year of construction and still going!



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