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Monday, March 23, 2009

BCN: Parc Güell

Parc Güell - Signage

Parc Güell is a beautiful, hilly park and yet another Gaudí achitectural showcase and in fact, was where he lived for a time. The park is located in the northern neighborhood of Gracia. From La Rambla its a 4 mile hike but I highly recommend the walk, since you will see things by foot that are easy to miss otherwise.

Parc Güell - First Front House

Parc Güell - Second Front House

After passing the entrance and marveling over the two houses in the front you reach the stairs with the famous dragon fountain. It was hard to photograph the dragon fountain, apparently noone knew they were supposed to clear the area when I took out my camera. Tourists!

Parc Güell - Gaudí's Dragon Fountain

Behind the dragon fountain there is a semi circular seating area. Beautiful tile work which photos hardly do justice.

Parc Güell - Sister @ Tiled Seating Area

Behind the seating area is what I called the hall of columns. From far away the columns look white and shiny but really they are covered in light colored mosaic tiles; none of which are exactly white, they are light shades of gray, blue, yellow and pink. The entire ceiling of this area is covered in mosiac pieces, mostly looking like elaborate sun dials.

Parc Güell - Hall of Columns

On the way up to the "roof" of the Hall of Columns there is an interesting arched walkway. Asymmetric is an understatement; its almost impossible to walk through the archway without leaning to one side.

Parc Güell - Arched Walkway

Finally, on top of the Hall of Columns is the Serpentine seating. A long ribbon of mosaic tiled seating that created a huge semi circular public area. It was covered in tourists so I didnt get any really good shots.

Parc Güell - Serpentine Seating

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