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Monday, January 18, 2010

Grecia y Sarchi

Before we move on to the beach area, Manuel Antonio, there are a pair of smaller cities that earned honorable mention.

Grecia is a small town, very small, but they have at least two things that are interesting. One is the sweetened condensed milk treats they make. Sometimes mixed with cocoa, sometimes coconut, these treats are so dense and sweet that they put fudge to shame. The other is a church made entirely from metal.

Apparently, the community here became annoyed with rebuilding this church everytime an earthquake rolled through. So, on their final iteration, they decided to build it out of metal. Hard to tell from the paint job, but it is indeed steel.

Metal Church, Grecia, Costa Rica

This "Halloween Beetle" decided it liked my neighbor's Kindle.

Halloween Beetle, Grecia, Costa Rica

Sarchi is known for one thing, Ox Carts. Of course they are still in use, don't be silly! But these are hand painted, and beautifully so, so you might not want to use them to transport your coffee harvest into town. If I had a place to put one of these, I would have brought one home.

Ox Cart Wheel, Sarchi, Costa Rica

World's Largest Ox Cart, Sarchi, Costa Rica

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Blogger suzy said...

Those ox cart wheels are incredibly beautiful! I would have tried to take one home too!

10:24 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I just wasnt sure what to do with it. Maybe I could have used it instead of a backpack to carry my stuff to work. Everyone needs an eccentricity, lol.

6:16 AM


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