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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lankester Gardens

We made one more stop before returning to the big city, the Lankester Botanical Gardens. A total must see, if only because of the 1200 varieties of orchids found in the country, half of them can be seen here.

Jardín Botánico Lankester, near Cartago, Costa Rica

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Blogger suzy said...

These gardens sound super impressive. I love orchids. I am pretty sure I am putting Costa Rica on the list of places I want to visit

11:42 PM

Blogger Matthew said...

Beautiful pictures Jim - :)

12:26 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Suzy, you would definitely want to spend the whole day here if you love orchids. Whats nice is that they sell orchids in little test tubes that you can bring home and raise yourself (complete with bio export papers so they wont take it away from you at customs).

8:17 AM

Blogger Jim said...


Thanks and good to see you again :)

8:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your reports on your wonderful travels. You make us want to visit, someday.
Gkad you are back.
DC Mom

8:38 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks DC Mom! I hope you make it to Costa Rica someday.

8:52 AM


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