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Friday, August 26, 2005


How many first times can you remember? Can you still recall the kind of fumbling combination of fear and excitement? You can. I see the look of apprehensive courage, the strained smile back into the face of the unknown.

First tooth falling out
First bike
First kiss
First date
First love
First Krispy Kreme
First trip to a foreign country
First disappointment
First job
First layoff
First grey hair

Everyday should be a first for something, yes?

Pic: My older niece on her first day of first grade.
Younger niece, 'pink' with envy.


Blogger Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

I always wish I could remember more of my "firsts"...there's that innocent excitement that's so hard to come by now a days!

11:45 AM

Blogger Sangroncito said...

I hope there are still some "firsts" waiting for me at my ripe old age!

1:22 PM

Blogger Jim said...


I wish I could remember more of them too. I usually do remember one or two when in proximity to the nieces. Maybe this is why people have children? That innocent excitement is refreshing!

2:27 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Hi Sangroncito,

You will have firsts forever, you have that fearless explorer personality.

Old age? These are not words I could possibly associate with you!

2:30 PM

Blogger purpletwinkie said...

Have you ever read Cher's Firsts Book. It's a simple (but fun) read about all her "firsts".

I can remember many of my firsts, it just takes something to engage the recall :)

1:36 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Nope, havent read that one yet.

I know, it does take something to jar the recall. Its my theory that this is why some people have children :)

9:38 AM

Blogger theclamwhisperer said...

A good reminder to look at each day as an opportunity of firsts. Thanks...

4:52 PM

Blogger theclamwhisperer said...

Oh, I also forgot to mention...went into Aberzombie and Bitch today for new material. They never cease to amaze me. A new display of t-shirts with the following written in bold print across the chest --

"Who needs brains when you have these?"
"I'm not with stupid anymore."
"No money, no car, no chance."
"Careful, I had a bowl of bitchy for breakfast."
"How about them apples?"

Someone stop the madness.

4:58 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Ah, my favorite whipping boy(so to speak), Aberzombie and Bitch! How funny (read sad) are those advertisements.

I wonder if my voodoo doll will work on them? :)

6:20 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Oh shoot, my bad. Voodoo only works on the living, zombies are, by nature of being zombies, exempt.

6:22 PM

Blogger lasomniloquy said...

I was so cavalier about my first grey hair. Ha! Firsts do have very cool magic.

9:08 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Hi LAsomniloquy,

I kinda remember not being impressed with my first gray hair too. Of course that was when I was 25, yikes!

8:22 AM

Blogger Jim said...

What beauties Kristie's girls have turned out to be! :)

3:54 PM

Blogger Jim said...

And what a handful too ! :)

5:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember my first day of first grade.

How cute the girls are!

Anna will be teaching the class soon, if she hasn't started already.

The Fif

9:51 AM


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