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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


About two weeks.

Two weeks of perfect, photographic memory, thats about how long it lasts anymore. I'd like to say my memory simply diffuses gradually and in years I have no more instant recall, but that isnt how it happens. After two weeks my memories sit ankles crossed, hem straight and slightly below the knee, waiting patiently to be asked back into the conscious mind.

There are some bad consequences to this, like unwittingly dating the same people twice. Date 1000 (randomly picked as a name, since I've forgotten exactly where I left off on the sequential date numbering scheme) and I started dating about a year ago. And really 'dating' is too strong of a word for what we were doing. Nice enough, attractive, fun, secure but at my age I know if someone is a yes, no or maybe and I know it PDQ. Date 1000, no. But what the hell, its not like I had time for or interest in anything more. So off we went. We only saw each other maybe once a month, that might be why it took me 11 months to realize we had done this before, 9 years ago.

It was the Smokey and The Bandit Trans Am I saw in a magazine ad that triggered the first message to my recall. Wait, I know this car, I've been in it, many years ago someone I knew had a car just like that. Then the gridwork started to assemble; a vocal inflection piece, a tendency not to listen piece, a Peter Pan in size 13 boots piece. Its good that I at least keep pictures of some of them. Thats when I drug out the 90's pictures and there, circa 1996, was Date 1000. Dammit!

So now I've decided to barcode imcompatible dates and install a scanner at the door. If one gets close it should just send me a subtle message.

Warning, Boomerang.


Blogger Adam said...

That is a terrific idea! Apple should develop the software. It can be a hybrid between iTunes and iPhoto. You can make lists of your favorites, it will tell you the last time you saw them, how many times you've seen them, and you can rate them on a 5 star scale.

12:35 PM

Blogger Jim said...

*roflmao!! That is just too damn funny. I wish that I could have seen your face when the realization set in. Priceless. :) Thanks for sharing!

12:39 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Adam, thats brilliant! How about a fingerprint scanner disguised as a door handle that cross references FBI databases, that would be useful.

Phase 2 could be the DNA sample collection with simultaneous access to GenBank to weed out those with 'crazy' genes :)


5:24 PM

Blogger Jim said...

LOL, Jim, you should have been there, you could have taken the picture since I dont think that expression on my face has ever been captured. :)

It was a heavy Caipirinha night!

5:26 PM

Blogger theclamwhisperer said...

Maybe we should all have microchips in our neck like pets. As a potential date enters the door it scans the chip, followed by the instantaneous sound of database spitting knowledge, some rolling tape and before you know it, VOILA, the answer to those boomerang moments will be on ticker tape. If your name hits the scanner, bolt the door and board the windows. It's a date twister. Pretty funny that you didn't remember.

7:46 PM

Blogger Adam said...

How do you know GenBank. Are you a secret science geek?

8:46 PM

Blogger Jim said...


Excellent! You are in charge of all writings that come from the ticker tape (since you are the best writer) :)

Memory loss can actually be a good thing I'm finding. And when it isnt a good thing its at least entertaining for other people.

9:45 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Hi Adam,

I have RasMol on my laptop so I can gleefully rotate the chimeric oncoproteins encoded by the bcr-abl oncogenes which of course form a beautiful and scary tetramer exhibiting unregulated and continuous Abl kinase activity.

Yeah, I think science geek applies :)

Working on a Masters in Bioinformatics.

9:48 PM

Blogger Adam said...

hehehe RasMol. Well I have GeneSpring, Vector NTI, and FlowJo on my computer! HA!

10:16 PM

Blogger Jim said...

LOL, curses to you and your high-powered software. Double HA!

11:14 PM

Blogger purpletwinkie said...

I can't stop laughing. Was there nothing more than his CAR that was familiar to you, Jim!?

11:58 PM

Blogger Jim said...

LOL. Yes Scott. Isnt it funny how the small things trigger a memory. Or in this case something big, black, loud and shiny.

12:34 AM


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