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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

International Jimification

Hey there, USA!
Hey there, eh?, Canada!
Hola, Mexico!
Guten Tag, Germany!
Bom Dia, Brazil!
Bon Giorno, Italy!
Bon Jour, France!
Nee How Ma, China!
Annyonghaseyo, Korea!
Kak Pazhevayesh, Russia!
Ma Nishma, Israel!

I installed a statistics counter on my blog when I created it in May. I'm just now looking at the data, fascinating. What I can see? Of course I have no idea who exactly is looking at my posts but I do know in which city they live or more precisely, in which city their ISP lives.

First, I looked at the country break down. OK, I was expecting a huge US percentage and a few from friends in Mexico, India, Brazil and the UK. Wrong! Yes, the US was the largest percentage but here were the next 5: Germany, Canada, Russia, India and Argentina. Interesting.

Within the US I expecting Dallas (and suburbs) to be the majority. Wrong! Here are the top cities clicking me: NYC, Los Angeles, Little Rock, Miami, Phoenix, Las Vegas. Dallas was actually #9. Interesting.

This I loved. I can see what keywords people use when they Google to one of my pages. Here are some from the past week. I seriously have to wonder what some of these people were looking for when they punched these keywords into Google.

1) hurt wallet lesbian
2) naughty mistress basil
3) awesome sushi joint
4) black white movement
5) dominatrix barbie
6) jaded gay cowboy
7) natural disease relationship

and my personal favorite

8) narco sex band blown

Entertainment for the whole family!


Blogger Sangroncito said...

I want one of those too!
And I must be the Brazil guy.

5:05 AM

Blogger Jim said...

There are a few counters linked to Blogger's site that you can download, Sangroncito.

Yes, you are one of the Brazil guys! (the other being Juvenal from my Rio trip).

7:09 AM

Blogger Brian said...

Jim, are you trying to tell me that my search for "dominatrix barbie" led me to your site in error? I hate to think that I've wasted all this time waiting for you to post pictures of your alter-ego.

2:56 PM

Blogger Jim said...

LOL, Brian. I did have a few posts way back that featured a domantrix barbie doll. It just struck as funny that someone intentionally searched for it where as I stumbled on it by accident.

5:57 PM

Blogger Noeha said...

You've got some fun visitors! :)

10:11 PM


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