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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pitch Black

The House Of Yes

I love me some dark comedy. Noir-esque films always take a view of normal life and twist it into horrendously funny disproportions. Not everyone relates to the dark side of humor. Parker Posey does though. I think Parker Posey has more than earned her title of 'Queen of the Indies'. And House Of Yes must have put her over the top and sealed her title for years to come.

This is a crazy, sick (emphasis here), pitch black comedy. Like other dark comedies, you should expect cult film acting, not good, however Posey actually manages to be good in a crazy, lovingly- psychopathic way.

Posey and her brother are twins, twins with a very close relationship, too close. And she also has another small problem - she's insane, literally. Since JFK was shot she wanders around her Washington DC mansion dressing and acting like Jackie-O. The family, or facsimile thereof, coddles her and they even refer to her as Jackie-O.

Jackie-O can't stand for her twin brother to be away from her. She shot him in the stomach when he tried to go away to college. Wonder what she will do now that he has a girlfriend? Hmmmm.

Dead-pan funny performance by Freddy Prinze Jr, as the twins other brother, the perpetually horny 23 year old who takes a liking to his brother's girlfriend.

Also good was Genevieve Bujold as the slut turned reluctant mother, who isn't sure who fathered one of her children and doesn't care. She perpetuates the dysfunctional relationship between the twins and tries her hardest to scare the girlfriend away.

Shake a couple of cocktails and invite a few of your off-beat friends for this one, one of whom, of course, should be dressed like Jackie-O.


Blogger Adam said...

I worship this movie as I do Parker. I think the acting is kind of stilted in this movie too but I can't tell if its on purpose or if its by accident. I think on the part of Parker its on purpose, she's far too good of an actress to screw this role up. Its amazing though how the stiltedness of the rest of the cast works perfectly with the ever vapid Tori Spelling.

This movie should be served as a double feature with Election.

7:04 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I think the acting is purposely funhouse. But Parker Posey comes across much better than the others, she can do psychopath just as well as neurotic, high strung yuppie (Best In Show) or unassuming small town (Waiting for Guffman) and 80's wasteland chick (Party Girl). I love her too.

Tori, ick. At least she had good skill to surround her and make her look better.

Election would have made a good double feature!

9:33 PM

Blogger ScottyFerguson said...

Thank you. This one is next on my list.
I love parker Posey. She is the entertaining aspect to loser films like BLADE TRINITY and yes...

For me she seems like a drag queen. If you put any drag queen into a serious role youd get a Posie of a performance.

10:48 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Interesting angle Scotty. I suppose you are right, she does have a graviation towards those type of character portrayals. SHe would need more makeup and jacked up shoes to really pull it off :)

1:48 PM

Blogger The Persian said...

I so love that movie, AND Parker Posey.

12:58 AM

Blogger Jim said...

You have great taste, Persian Guy! :)

8:44 AM


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