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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Decoration, Redux

The pressure is exquisite. Everyone will be expecting me to place a second ornament this morning. That coffee table is looking really big, what if I put the ornament in the wrong place? Its OK, just relax. Breathe.

Unpack the ornament, unpack the holder, hang the ornament on the holder. Whew, I'm spent! Its past noon in India, so as Jimbo so graciously pointed out, its more than acceptable to have a martini :)

To celebrate yesterday's decorating frenzy I had lunch out with my friend Deborah. We tried a new place.

Piman Asian Bistro
4835 N. O'Connor Blvd.
Irving, TX 75062
Phone: 972-650-0001

Piman is in the Las Colinas area, a nice business park / high-rent district due west of Dallas. I lived in this area years ago when I first moved to Dallas. While it is a nice area, it also has a strangely homogenized and beautifully sterile feel, as if all of the character has been swept under the rug for the arrival of hyper-critical royalty.

Piman has that same feeling on the inside, I call it strip-mall chic. Minimally decorated in shades of maroon and Pier One Buddha heads, it does not say 'take me here for a special occassion' rather, it says 'business lunch' or 'stop here for a solo dining experience on your way home'.

The Plate
But who cares about the decor, I don't, I'm a foodie, so let's get to the food. Piman is another entry in the Pan-Asian market. Pan-Asian, in their case, meaning they offer a little of Chinese, Japanese and Thai. I went full-on Thai.

Tom Yum, the quintessential Thai soup made from chicken broth, lemongrass, tomatoes, green onion and chili oil, was extraordinary. Piman, I believe, makes theirs out of shrimp paste, since my cup had a distinct seafood flavor rather than chicken. High lemongrass brightened up every drop. Generous drops of chili oil warmed up an otherwise chilly afternoon.

Spicy Basil, pick your choice of meat. Strange that there was no veggie option but no bother. The rice is presented in a vertical cone shape, nice, I like tall rice. The spicy basil concoction looks deceptively light on sauce but you better do some deep breathing exercises before you dig in. Someone get me a glass of water before my damn head explodes; very good but very spicy, as advertised. Other than the heat, the Spicy Basil had a slightly savory orange-infused sauce which was excellent against a modest amount of tender chicken, snow peas, carrot rounds and slivers of onion.

Very decent lunch specials from $6-9; Tom Yum large cup $3-4

Deborah and I had not seen each other since July, busy overscheduled people that we are. Our server was very good at quietly checking up on us every 5 minutes to see if we were ready to order. Drinks, soup and meals came in a timely, almost invisible manner.

If you work/live in the area, Piman could easily become a regular stop for your Pan-Asian cravings otherwise I wouldn't make a special trip out to Las Colinas to eat here.

In other news ...

Brian the Desert Mo has outdone himself with a truly remarkable story of survival, I found it ultimately life-affirming. If you can read the whole thing and remain unmoved I will award you the first ever, hand-made, yet-to-be-designed 2005 Cast-Iron Bitch Award.

(Brian, of course, you will not be able enter the contest :)


Blogger theclamwhisperer said...

Your daily decorating is hysterical. Yes, the coffee table has become somewhat of a statement but simplicity is elegant, right? I mean, look at Audrey Hepburn. Just so you know...I'm working with the two balls. Still I have no doubt that as the frenzy of the holiday and the tossing of the tinzel gets underway you'll find added inspiration. And I wish I lived closer to your area because the restaurant sounds like a find.

11:28 AM

Blogger Brian said...

Thanks for the mention, Jim, I appreciate it. You're sweet!

I like looking at your balls. They're quite large, and they seem to be hanging at about the same level. I want to touch them. I wonder if they're as delicate as they look. They look all clean and shiny, too. (Have I worked this enough, yet?)

11:58 AM

Blogger The Persian said...

I just love the look of that room.

Now I crave some Thai food, and ne'er a cent to get some. THANKS!!


1:04 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Hey CatchYa!

I'm glad you are back with us :) I thin being on kinda-vacation brings out my natural silliness.

And yes, simplicity is elegant.

There will no doubt be another decorating installement tomorrow, I'm milking this thread for all its worth ... lol.

Oh, imagine if you lived closer and we were to jointly review restaurants, I think the dining community would live in constant fear :)

1:36 PM

Blogger Jim said...


You are welcome and really thank you for allowing us that view of your life.

I have to say that its inspriing to see so many stories of personal change, everyone I link to has had defining moments that shaped them.

Oh, yes, you may touch them but please, no fingerprints. I am anally retentive about keeping them shiny ... lol.

1:40 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Persian Guy! My mom really deserves a big chunk of the credit since she is the interior designer. But I picked out the ornaments myself :)

Aww, if you lived closer I would make you Tom Yum, no charge. And considering the amount of chili pepper I use, it would totally make you forget about your cold!

1:46 PM

Blogger Adam said...

Jim I dont know how you do it. You dine at all these great places, have a beautiful home, study for school, and if that wasnt enough you completely outdo yourself with the holiday decorating. You are a goddess.

Yummm Thai Food. Thanks for the review and for being honest about whether or not I should go to Los Colinas. I think I'll stick to my local Thai haunts around here.

I appreciate the heads up on Brian's post. I love reading epic stories from other bloggers lives. I just have to settle in and get ready to dive into it.

6:21 PM

Blogger Jim said...

LOL Adam, you have such a great sense of humor :)

Definitely there are Thai just as good and much closer to you (Mango, Thai Nipa, Toys, Bangkok Garden, etc)

Brian's piece reminded me of your 'Defining Moments' in terms of emotional content and direction.

8:14 PM


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