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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Persian Monkey

I have a monkey on my back - Persian food. I love the simplicity and combinations of spices. Now, if only it wasn't so heavily meat oriented, it would be better. No bother, really, I can cheat on vegetarianism.

525 W. Arapaho
Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: 972-235-4007

Looking at my Persian-o-meter, this place ranks higher than Giovanni's based solely on the food.

Drive up to Kasra is scary by Dallas standards, its in a run down strip mall, most of which seems to be vacant and what isn't vacant seems to be hangouts for baggy-jeaned high-school students in need of something to do.

Go anyway.

Lunchtime is a great way to try the highlights since they offer a $10 boofay. Lets review those highlights, shall we?

Hummus: Great. They make theirs with extra garlic and lemon, brighter and more aggressive, I like it like that.

Marinated Olives: Green olives in pomegranate sauce. Sounds strange but man are these addictive!

Ghirmeh Sabz: Beef and veggies sauteed with 'Persian herbs'. Good but heavy.

Gheymeh Badenjan: For me this is the dish a Persian restaurant must do right or there won't be a return visit. Badenjan means Eggplant, so as you might guess this is an eggplant stew. Kasra's version is unbelievable. They do theirs with beef, dried lime and lentils. Its served with a huge plate of Chelo, the very delicious butter saffron rice. I dare you to eat the whole thing.

Tabrizi Kabob: Marinated ground beef seasoned with Persian spices. This is like a Persian hamburger on a stick, dee licious. I still haven't figured out the 'Persian spices' but I'm hoping I can tweeze them out of the owner on my next visit :)

The inside of Kasra doesn't compute with the outside. Inside is polished and serene; beautiful tile, a fountain and classic Persian archways create a pleasant environment, which, at least during the lunchtime hours, is quite full of mainly Persian patrons.

Service for those ordering from the menu is reasonable and polite, although at lunch time with the huge crowd, you may have to ask twice for something like coffee.

Guidelive dig: Kasra is not open to the public on Sunday past 4p, thanks for screwing up again, Guidelive!


Blogger Matthew said...

I have never had Persian food - I wonder if they have any places in Atlanta - :-) - maybe I will need to try it....

11:55 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Oh, I'm sure ATL has plenty :) Good stuff and except for the beef and butter, very healthy .. LOL

7:26 PM


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