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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Neighbor Blair was asking for this one. Its a staple I make once a month, I usually make enough for 16 meals at once :)

Jim's 3-Day Spicy Black Beans

2 bag Dry black beans
2 red Onions, diced
5 heads Garlic, roasted
3 cloves Garlic, chopped
1 t Salt
2 T Ancho Chili, ground
1 T Regular Chili, ground
1 t Chipotle, ground
1 T Coriander, ground
2 T Cumin
2 T Smoked Spanish Paprika

1) Wash beans and soak over night. Drain and wash again. Return to pot and cover with water 2" beyond height of beans. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer and cook covered for 2 hours, stirring a few times. Cool and refrigerate overnight. I dont know why but cooking them covered makes them more "creamy".

2) Sautee onions and chopped garlic over med-high heat until carmelized. Put onion and garlic mixture and all spices into the beans. Bring beans to a boil again then reduce to a simmer and cook for one hour uncovered, adding water if necessary. Cool and refrigerate overnight.

3)Return beans to medium heat, stirring often. Process roasted garlic with a little olive oil until a paste is formed. Add the paste to the beans then cook the lot for another hour over medium-low heat uncovered. Adjust spices and add water if necessary.

I usually roll this up in a whole wheat tortilla with goat cheese and tomato and call it dinner. Sometimes I just plop it in a bowl with some cheddar and cilantro and call it chili. Other times I add some salsa to it and make a dip for tortilla chips and call it a snack.


Blogger john said...

I'm going to try this.

10:56 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Salud John, enjoy!

7:00 AM

Blogger Jason said...

I'll have to add this to one of my staples. I've been on a black bean kick all summer.

5:17 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I've been on one for 5 years, Jason :)

9:58 PM

Blogger purpletwinkie said...

I feel a fart brewing just reading this recipe. I mean, that's not to imply this is a bad thing. Just thinking aloud. ;)

12:45 AM

Blogger Jim said...

LOL, embrace the gasiness, Scott.

7:05 AM

Blogger The Persian said...

Yum...when does your cookbook come out? I want an autographed copy delivered in person.

Have a great weekend Jim :)

11:54 AM

Blogger Jim said...

You betcha, Jim, I'll make Mass. the first stop on the book tour :)

You have a good weekend too!

12:45 PM

Blogger JC said...

PurpleTwinkie - that was my initial thought....why 3 day beans???? they were only soaked overnight - is this one of those gifts that keeps dealing for 3 days???

12:05 AM


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