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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Brownie Points

HD Guy had to fly to NYC for an interview on my birthday so we did our thing the night before. He gets brownie points for actually paying attention to things I like. This is something different for me in dating-land, most just ladel me with too much superfluous detail about themselves with no reciprocal interest.

First, he showed up with sushi and champagne. I like sushi and champagne.

He didn't talk at all about his interview the next day, which by the way, was a huge deal to him, since this is the job he really, really wants.

Then the presents. I asked him not to get me presents, which he promptly ignored.

I guess I bitched enough about my yoga sticky mat not being too sticky anymore that he got me a new one. A purple one, I like purple.

A gift certificate to Central Market; yeah, its a no brainer that I'm a foodie, but still.

A festival pass to the upcoming Vistas Latin Film Festival. I'm still at a loss how he knew I would like that but so be it :)

Then there was the card; a funny card, not a sticky, sweet card - good call. Inside the card was an explanation that I was receiving 3 free months of Blockbuster on him. I had forgotten about the Blockbuster queue thing, it was a funny episode that was noted then immediately dismissed. But you know I had to investigate further.

Me: Thank you for everything, you really went overboard.

HDGuy: Nothing really, just things I knew you would like.

Me: Yes, and about the Blockbuster thing, I noticed that you had a run on adding your own movies.

HDGuy: Just the five I didn't get to see.

Me: It was more like 75, lol.

HDGuy: Actually those are ones you wanted to see, lol.

Me: How would you know what I wanted to see?

HDGuy: Everytime we watch a DVD you comment during the previews about which ones youd like to see but you never see them. So I kept track of them.

Me: Oh, then transfered them into Blockbuster?

HDGuy: Yeah.

Me: How did you remember all those movies, there were 75 of them?


Me: Spreadsheet? lol

HDGuy: Yeah, I'm in finance remember? I keep my grocery list in a spreadsheet, lol

Me: Oh, lol. Well thanks for that. You realize that now I could change my password and your credit card would be charged indefinitely.

HDGuy: I know you better than that.

Apparently so.


Blogger purpletwinkie said...

Cute story, and sounds like a great after-birthday party.


We be soul-sisters now.

2:22 PM

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...

Wow...I'm thinking you should try to keep this going after a move to Austin and NY(if that happens). How often does someone actually LISTEN? I would find it EXTREMELY romantic that this guy remembered movies that I wanted to see, and took the time to put them in a spreadsheet and then put them in the Blockbuster queue. OMG! Don't let him go! Or if you do, send him my way...I need a new yoga mat too :) Mine's blue...

2:54 PM

Blogger john said...

A non-sticky yoga mat can be such a pain.
Wow, I'm glad he made you happy.

3:06 PM

Blogger Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

The way you write the dialogue,it seems as though there's this Rosalind Russell-Cary Grant repartee carried on in the closest thing to a monotone that can be managed. It's too funny
How totally sweet that he actually made a list of all the movies you said you wanted to see(even though we can tell he lives to make lists).

6:35 PM

Blogger Jim said...

We are Purple (yoga mat) Twinkies.
The irony, the irony LOL.

8:19 PM

Blogger Jim said...

HDGuy has many good qualities Steve, we've decided to que-sera-sera until we know what our geographical coordinates will be.

8:24 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Yes John, a non-sticky yoga mat is just a back injury disguised as bunch of poly blah-blah-blah ates.

8:27 PM

Blogger Jim said...

You're right Daniel, I guess my paraphrase/edit cycle does produce that tone and tempo!

I think you've hit it, HDGuy is a list ho, sweet and thoughtful but still a list ho :) lol

8:44 PM

Blogger suzy said...

He sounds like a great guy! Sounds like you had a fun birthday eve.

12:30 AM

Blogger Jason said...

Very nice, a guy that listens- hard to find ;)
Cute story, and I love your writing style.
Does HD Guy read your blog, or is it on the down-low?
Have a great weekend, Jim!!

9:06 AM

Blogger The Persian said...

HA! I keep all my lists in Excel, even my grocery list. I just love the organizational value of that program.

You lucky guy, he sounds too sweet (and maybe you are a tough guy to please *wink*)

9:52 AM

Blogger David said...

Thats a great story, hope you had a good birthday!

7:36 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Suzy, I did! :)

4:47 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Jason, I dont think he has much time for blog reading, he is the one person I know who has more to do that I do.

Yes, listening (and remembering) are very important to me :)

4:54 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Oh no, you too Jim? I didnt think there was another guy who kept his grocery list in Excel :)

I'm sweet too dammit ... lol :)

5:09 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks David!

5:12 PM

Blogger JC said...

everyone pretty much has said what I would say - I know you are a smart guy - you and HD Guy are lucky to have found each other... good luck with the que sera sera thing - maybe you need to watch that Doris Day movie together before the end of the semester... and paly the ending about two or three times.... hint hint

and by the way - Happy Belated Birthday wishes

10:25 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks JC :)

10:56 PM


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