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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hamas, Ahmadinejad & Dating

Muslim Co-Worker Girl and I have been working together for a year. We share a lab that is kept at a constant 60 degrees, we would both prefer it to be 80 degrees. We'd like to say its kept cold to keep the computers running at optimal performance or perhaps to keep our DNA samples from denaturing. Sounds good but the reality is that the AC is messed up and noone will fix it. So we bonded initially over our mutual dislike of cold temps. Then we bonded our over our mutual interest in Indian food. Most recently we bonded over our mutual dissatification of how our government has become too big and therefore ineffective. Since then we have chatted up many subjects if only to distract ourselves from pending hypothermia :)

I decided to chat up MCW Girl about the Middle East Crisis thing. I wasn't really sure what to expect but I was surprised that we were almost in agreement. We both believe that a two state system is the only way to end it, and we both agree that it has to come with ALOT of conditions on both sides.

We both felt the world should acknowledge Hamas as an actual government. Before you have an aneurism over that, the psychology is that acknowledging them as a real government then puts them in the position of behaving as such. The assumption, however loose, is that they cannot function as both a government and a terrorist organisation. If they fail, we win in the court of world opinion and they will have to be ejected. If they succeed, we win, since an actual governement will give the Palestinian people a real place to call home. Besides, the Palestinians elected them so let the Palestinians kick them out if they aren't happy with the services they provide.

We disagreed on funding. She thought we should still provide financial aid to Hamas, I say no, provide humaritarian support to the Palestinian people but Hamas will have to figure out how to support themselves. I'm sure Iran will give them a loan :)

Then I chatted her up about Iran and Ahmadinejad. She has a closer info since her husband, who is Indian but grew up in Iran, still has family there. She was kind of funny in her responses.

Me: What do think about Ahmadinejad, I think he's a lunatic.

MCW Girl: No, he's just a smart politician.

Me: Threatenting to wipe Israel off the map is smart?

MCW Girl: Jim, please, that is political BS only, the last thing he wants is for this conflict to be resolved. The Palestinian people are just a pawn to him.

Me: How's that?

MCW Girl: What Arab leaders and Ahmadinejad fear the most is that the there will be peace in the Middle East and that their all-encompasing, never-questioned power will be subject to internal criticism. Think about it, what is the big difference between Israel and the rest of the Arab world?

Me: Hmmm, they're Jewish?

MCW Girl: No, all religion is equivalent, the big difference is that they live in a democracy. That democracy would spread scares the crap out of Arab leaders, it would make them at once accountable and subject to objective criticism. They use this conflict to keep everyone's emotions high and ralied around a perceived enemy. Israel and Palestine are both being held hostage is this case.

Me: Sad!

But I guess that makes sense, in a manipulating, pathetic way.

Then I asked Other Persian Guy and Former Persian Boss for their thoughts about him.

OP Guy: I hate him, every time he opens his mouth he makes it harder for me to find a date! LOL

FP Boss: (to OP Guy) You just need anti-Ahmadinejad weaponry.

OP Guy: What's that?

FP Boss pointed out of the window to his new Corvette and smirked.

FP Boss: Cars trump innane political rhetoric.

Well there you have it.


Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...

Very cute.

6:43 PM

Blogger purpletwinkie said...

You lead an interesting life, Mr. Jim. :)

10:31 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I dont know if its so much interesting, I just want to know about ALOT of things :)

10:27 AM


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