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Friday, October 13, 2006

The Hard Way To Yourself

Society gives us guidelines for gender roles; boys look and act like this, girls look and act like that. For the most part people seem to accept the guidelines as is. But there are always those that feel transposed. Meet one of them.

Beautiful Boxer

Nong Toom is simple boy growing up in a small town in Thailand. He's a boy but would rather not be. He's quiet, shy and cringes at the violence of Muaythai, the national kickboxing sport. He cringes until one day, while defending the honor of one of his friends, he discovers that he has a deadly knack for Muaythai. He also discovers that it is a good source of income and could pay for the surgery to come. Over a period of time he becomes so good at the sport that he is eventually sponsored. At the same time he decides to glam up his appearance in preparation for switching genders, entering his fights in full makeup. Eventually his winning streak allows him to be paired in the ring with the national champion in front of a huge Bangkok audience. That's about as big as you can get for a Muaythai boxer.

Technically, Beautiful Boxer is a good film on all fronts but not great. Ordinarily I would give it a 7/10, which means I wouldn't take the time to write about it. The reason I give this one an 8/10 is because its a true story. The real life Nong Toom still lives in Thailand, but now he is a she and she is a boxer turned model.

Many of us have closets full of pretty, perception-altering masks to suit life's expectations and situations, so I think its applause-worthy to see anyone truly be themselves, even if it involves something that I, personally, might never understand.


(Yes Jason, The Departed review is coming :)


Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...

This sounds pretty interesting. I'd be interested in seeing what she looks like now as a model.

9:21 AM

Blogger Jason said...

Yeah, I'm with Steve. It would be interesting to see the transformation. I'm glad your next review is The Departed ;)

10:25 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Steve & Jason - After I watched this I googled Nong Toom and saw pics of the male and female version. The female version was pretty but there was something a little off. Maybe it was the photo? :)

5:00 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Its coming Jason, I have an unexpected free day tomorrow :)

5:00 PM

Blogger purpletwinkie said...

I need to see this. Sounds interesting.

9:32 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Enjoy PT!

9:26 AM


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