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Friday, November 03, 2006


Last month Marky Mark, Neighbor Blair and Fly Me Charla all went out for a group birthday dinner at Stephan Pyles. It was a fanatastic evening and amazing meal. Truly wonderful except there is a clause in our friend contract that specifically states that when a group of friends go out for a joint celebration it is a Dutch treat situation.

Marky Mark violated this clause of the friend contract by picking up the whole bill. It was a big violation considering the bill was over $500. Neighbor Blair, Fly Me Charla and I had a meeting over what to do about Mark's violation and we decided the punishment was to take him out and not let him pay for himself.

We did exactly that.

Fireside Pies
2820 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX 75206

I know I've written about Fireside before but its interesting to visit a place after a year or so to see if they have remained consistently good or if they have sparkled and faded. I am happy to report the former. I am also happy to report that Fireside seems to have overcome the dreaded Dallas 12 month rule; here in Dallas most restaurants and clubs buzz and thrive for one year then crash and burn due to the fickle nature of the Dallasite and the over-abundance of choices.

Pies are magnificent here. What I failed to notice on my last visit was that all of the ingredients are local. Cheeses from the Dallas Mozzarella Company, Sausages from the Jimmi's, the de facto Italian deli and grocery, basil from the chef's rooftop garden; tomatoes from east Texas.

Don't miss the salads here either but be smart about them, each one is enough for 3 or 4 people. I love it when each person orders one of these as a light salad before the pizza and they bring out bowls bigger than Montana.

The only drawback to Fireside is that they are enormously popular (still) and they don't take reservations. Going at peak hours on any day can be an hour or more wait. My advice - go early.

So there, we have exacted our cruel but necessary punishment on Marky Mark, let that be the mother of all lessons to him! :)

Marky Mark & The Markettes @ Fireside


Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...

You guys are HORRIBLE friends :) Subjecting him to that...what were you thinking?

6:53 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Its tough love Steve ;)

8:15 AM


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