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Saturday, December 02, 2006


Probability Theory, done. DNA Knot Topology, done. Well, almost done. Just one more 20-pg paper, a Spanish Oral (careful :) and Spanish final to go. I will be completely finished on Dec 15th. Yay, me.

Gay Men Rule
Over the past week I ran a little experiment. I asked 75 gay men one question. The question and the responses I will post to GMR soon. Ok, soon-ish.

In Defence of English Cookery
John, from over the pond in London, sent a good-natured objection to my post indicating that IMHO, England had no great national dishes. He sent several of his family recipies from the West region, one of which I will be trying tomorrow, Leek Pie. Thanks John!

Grad Party
Big Mike reminded me that my party is next weekend. I was sure it was 3 weeks away. While I certainly know which day of the week it is, I am never quite sure of the actual date. I'm ready, so ready. If you are coming, look forward to seeing you. If you arent, I'm sure to blog afterwards.

For those of you who asked about what gift to bring, well, nothing says love like cold, hard cash. Seriously though, none necessary, just enjoy and meet everyone else in my life.

Foodie Concerns
My sister and I cook Christmas dinner for my parents. From Thanksgiving on we pick out our menu for this year's gathering, which usually involves alot of experimenting for the first few weeks of Decemeber. Those experiements that succeed, I will try to post.

Mom Update
We were concerned that she might have to have yet another back surgery next year but the doc says no. Yay, mom.

So many I've seen and would like to write about but alas, so little time. The "to write about" list.

  • Water
  • Rebel without A Cause
  • Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
  • Borat
  • Cool Hand Luke
  • Dangerous Beauty

Also, thanks to Tommy who recommended Hate Crime, its in my Q!

New Job Thing
I had 2 offers this week, one from Ft. Worth, the other from San Antonio. Both were under market by about 40% so I thanked them kindly and asked them to keep me in mind for more senior level positions (as it is obvious what they want is someone with no experience). Surely these people realize that everyone has access to, lol. Sheesh.

Home Depot Guy
He's doing very well in NYC. Loves his new job and being near family. He did however complain that there was noone to date in the city. Of course I find this amusing since he is 20-something, intelligent, witty, makes a good living and is very good looking. What I found out was that he is only attracted to blondes. Interesting, I never picked up on that before. He claims NYC is a city of dark, smoldering men, none of which he finds himself particularly attracted to. Poor thing, I feel a tear coming on. My mistake, it was just allergies.

Israeli Update
My cousin, who works for the Israeli Police, just send me a newspaper clipping showing herself and her team after arresting a ring of people defrauding the elderly of their social security payments. This comes on the heels of her shutting down the prostitution ring in her city. We are very proud of her, particularly considering the less than ideal surroundings in which she works.

Its kind of surreal for me to think that fraud and prostitution are happening in the Land Of G-d, but I suppose people are people regardless of geography.

Holiday Decorations
Since Big Mike reminded me it was December now, I will be doing my anual coffee table decorations. As you may recall from last year, the decorations are extremely elaborate so it takes me about 3 days to complete. I'll update you along the way.



Blogger suzy said...

I can not wait to hear what you think of the film Water. I just saw it. On an airplane of all places. (the only place I seem to find the time to watch movies)
You are sounding so busy! Be careful not to exert yourself in the decorating department. Take it slow. Remember last year.
I am so sorry I will not make it to your party.
I am glad that Mom does not have to have surgery! That is great!

10:12 PM

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...

Busy, busy, busy as usual. Live in the moment over the next few weeks; you have so much happening - remember it, find the joy in it, and cherish it.

10:43 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Short answer on Water - loved it!

I know, I will try to pace myself and not attempt too much after last years coffee table decoration experience. I think I was on muscle relaxers for a week :)

I wish you could be here too!

7:37 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks for the reminder Steve. Seriously! Lately, my life has become an overscheduled series of joyless tasks. I just get up with a "lets get all this crap done" attitude!

Luckily, I'm almost there :)

7:45 AM

Blogger Jason said...

Congrats on the homestretch with school.
What exactly is DNA Knot Topology?
Good to hear about your Mom.
Lot's of good things going on for you! Have a good week :)

12:12 AM

Blogger Jim said...

DNA Knot Topology studies using image processing techniques to determine the shape of DNA, particularly how it crosses over itself and forms into knots. Its of particular interest to people doing research on genetic disorders. (Now you know, lol)

Thanks, Jason, you have a good week too!

9:29 AM


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