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Monday, February 26, 2007

No Explanation

Looks like I am consistent, again a 50% correct pick for the Oscars.

Please entertain yourself with this interesting Jason image while I am completing my final round of interviews.

Cheers, Jim



Anonymous Jason said...

He does my name proud!!!

Good luck with your round of interviews :)

10:33 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Jason (american version) :)

6:21 AM

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...

Wow...thanks for the great image. Good luck with the interviews...have fun with them!

6:24 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Steve, I will :)

6:28 AM

Blogger Sorted Lives said...

He's yummy, can I have him?

Good Luck (I doubt you will need it)

3:40 PM

Blogger Ryan Charisma said...

Best of luck with your interviews.

Jason needs a towel, I got him all moist like a snack-cake down there.

4:34 PM

Blogger Bunny Lynn Boofay said...

I just love me a handsome English man (or any man)

Huggs, etc... Bunny Lynn

10:13 PM

Blogger Jim said...

No Sorted, I saw him first :)

3:46 PM

Blogger Jim said...

You have that snack-cake effect, Ryan :)

3:47 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I'm glad you di'int go gettin' particular on us Bunn Bunn :)

3:48 PM

Blogger George said...

I can tell a cat fight will ensue. I think we all agree that I saw him first!

10:22 AM

Blogger Jim said...

George, I think we all agree that you need to bump up your meds, lol :)

(love you mean it lunch :) )

7:13 PM


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