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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dear Oxford, Sexually Yours

When I was an undergrad I befriended one of my physics TA's. She was from London. She went to Oxford. She used to tell me all the crazy things she had to do to get into Oxford. I almost felt guilty that I got into Berkeley just by being bored in high school and applying to CAL's accelerated program. I think I filled out one form and took some placement tests, that was about a day's effort.

Watching this film reminded me of her so I sent her an email. She is still in academia, teaching physics in England. She had just seen this one last month but unlike me she found it silly since she actually did much, much more "serious preparation".

History Boys

Physics girl might have done more preparation but I doubt she tried to seduce her professsor merely to see if she could, or out of some sort of gratitude, or display of power. That is what interested me the most about this film, aside from the very quick-talking, witty, biting demeanors of these so-called high school students trying to gain entry into England's most elite universities. It was the ease which which they all seemed to embrace their own sexuality, since the gay student and the very aggressive bisexual student who pursues his professors are simply portrayed as two-a-penny variety, grown and shipped daily.

A good coming of age story with some great performances by some promising young Brits.


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