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Friday, November 30, 2007

Rise and Fall

He won the sexiest man alive thing back in 1996. 11 years later I think the now 53 year old could easily win again. But you know, I don't think its his game. Acting is. Denzel is looking at yet another Oscar nom with this film. So is Russell Crowe.

Its this year's Departed only it plays more like a black Godfather. An epic depicting a NYC crime lord's rise and fall in the 70's - told in total surround sound reality with no glamourization and no excuses. Stellar on all fronts.

American Gangster


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Blogger Brian said...

I agree, I think he could totally win the S.M.A. thing again. In my book, anyway, even if the actual current Hollywood politics and advertising revenues might not support it. About which I don't have the slightest clue, so I say we just hand him (or ask him to grab) a trophy, smile, and enjoy the show.

9:17 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Who can keep up with all that anyway? I agree! :)

11:50 AM

Blogger john said...

I've got to start watching movies again.

2:29 PM

Blogger Jim said...

You do! :) If nothing else its a good and inexpensive escape for a few hours.

7:24 PM


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