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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Messiah's View

I've traveled to many countries and cities but in retrospect I now feel like I saw absolutely nothing until I saw Jerusalem. If I had to live in Israel, I would have to live in Jerusalem. Maybe its the small streets of the old city where nary a Vespa would venture. Maybe its the whole city covered in a white-gold stone that shines both day and night. Maybe its because you can sip espresso next to where Jesus was buried. Maybe its the equal chance for reflection or action; a connection to G-d and and a simultaneous connection to a busy, international setting where languages, smells and ideas come at you continuously without introduction or apology.

While words can accurately describe other cities, they do nothing for the experience of being on the streets of Jerusalem. So, this is where the words will end.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Muslim Quarter

HaKotel (Western Wall)

Ethiopian Church

Dome of the Rock

Israeli cops making cafe shachor (turkish coffee)

Ticcho House

Old City Streets

Baby Black Hats @ HaKotel

Arab picking olives @ East Jerusalem

Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Detail

HaKotel - Close

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Blogger Ryan Charisma said...

Did you see Jesus? Give him my reguards!

3:57 PM

Blogger JC said...

You need to read a couple more pages in that big black book, technically, Jesus isn't buried there anymore...he did this funky resurrection thing around Easter I know, it's around Passover - give or take a few days after the Seder Meal...

yeah, I am a smart ass..
Fantastic pictures - I wish I had that talent

5:47 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I saw him in a bagel Ryan.

10:59 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks JC!

LOL, he was buried there, he just left afterwards :)

11:00 PM

Blogger Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

Something about the stone makes the city gleam in the desert night. Absolutely beautiful.
But it's nice you can see the Savior's resting place and have a little nosh right next door.

8:22 AM

Anonymous sangroncito said...

great photos!

8:34 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Daniel, its mind boggling to see it in person. If I lived there I would walk around with my mouth open all the time (careful! :)

4:05 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Michael!

4:05 PM

Blogger Michael said...

I've read all of your "Israel Trip" posts, and it looks like you had a great time, and your cousin put together a great tour.

When I have more time, I'll swing by each post, and try to put in my own 2 cents (10 agorot), as an American living here....

Thanks for putting up the pictures, and have a great Thanksgiving!

9:10 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Michael thanks, I would appreciate your viewpoint too! Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

9:19 AM

Blogger john said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

11:37 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks John, same to you!

6:03 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Looks like Israel was a fantastic trip! Thanks for sharing your experience. The posts have been terrific.

And it's nice to comment here again, after all this time....

11:14 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Brian! Glad you enjoyed and welcome back :)

8:07 AM


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