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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Be'er Sheva

With my new Israeli clothes I set out to explore the capital of the Negev (desert region) and the city where most of my Israeli family lives - Be'er Sheva. Cousin lives in the center of the city so we walked everywhere. The old city was interesting, mostly architecture from the Turkish Period. I was surprised at all the color and flowers - not very desert-ish at all. We wandered to the police station where she works. I noticed at that point that she had her gun stuffed in the back of her pants. Then I noticed alot of people had guns stuffed into the back of their pants. Then I noticed all the Army kids with rifles slung over their shoulders. Just people going about their day. With lots of firepower. Disturbing but at the same time comforting.

Cousin (packin') and girls eating fresh dates from the tree

Color in the Negev

We walked to the Bedouin Market. I liked Bedouin Market. It was a total assault on every sense. Its loud, vendors screaming their wares in Hebrew and Arabic. You know, the one with the loudest voice obviously wins. Its crowded, its like Barney's closeout sale in Manhattan only the prices are better. The smells were mostly foreign and snuck up on me like a big long island iced tea. Visually its just overload, from the produce to the spices to the halal meat to the variety of people all crammed up in your face and yelling. I could have spent all day there.

Flavors of Arabs at the Market

Market Patayas, a kiwi on acid

I did find one quiet corner of the market, it was the poor guy with the plastic flower stand. I guess plastic flowers are not so popular in Israel this time of year.

Plastic Flower Guy

Following the market we went to see Abrahams Well. A short snack break at a falafel stand (apparently in Israel falafels are first juggled before they are allowed to land in the pita)) then back to the house to clean up for Shabbat diner.

Stay tuned tomorrow to meet all my Israeli family for Shabbat dinner!

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Blogger Michael said...

Thanks for the glimpse of Be'er Sheva. I live up in the Galil, and haven't got down to the Negev yet, so this was nice to see.

2:52 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I can email you the other 200 of Beer Sheva if you like :)

Its an interesting city but I could have that opinion because my cousin gave me a guided tour with historical context.

Just the good coffee served until midnight was enough to win me over.

10:16 PM


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