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Monday, November 19, 2007


Israel has good wine, really good wine. At first I thought the only place in Israel that would be able to produce good wine would be the hilly, wetter North. Before the trip the only Israeli wine I had was from the Golan region (north). Not so! Grapes are grown and wine is produced all over the country, even in the Negev (desert).

Cousin Marnina made some special arrangement for us to tour, sample and have dinner at a small winery on a kibbutz on the way from Be'er Sheva to Jerusalem.

Nachshon Winery

Far different from touring a winery in the Napa Valley. We were the only guests and the actual winemaker gave us the tour. Winemaker did an excellent job of the tour which included a walking tour of the kibbutz, which in a former life was also used for winemaking (cousin Marnina in standing in an ancient wine/olive press in the next picture, winemaker is behind her). Winemaker explained that Nachshon used to be a kibbutz in keeping with its socialist's root but is now privatized, the winery being a major source of income.

Marnina and Winemaker, Ancient Press

After the tour of the grounds we did tasting. Nachshon only produces a couple of varieties at a small volume of 18,000. So small that there is no distribution outside of Israel and limited distribution inside. All of the varieties are excellent, particularly the French Blend. If you are lucky enough to live close and you've been good lately, you deserve a trip.

Winemaker served us wine, cheese and middle eastern snack plates, all of which were made on the kibbutz and very good. Winemaker sat and chatted and tasted with us for quite a while, he was very personable and we all liked him, especially Tara, who wondered if he would fit in her large suitcase.

Happy Tasters

Winemkaer took this picture, he might have had a few too many tastes of his own wares :)

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