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Monday, July 21, 2008


I walked a bit over 10 miles a day in San Antonio. I probably wandered into some neighborhoods that I shouldn't have but noone gave me crap. I also found out that when you are starting to get heat exhaustion, you stop sweating. There is also some numbness in the hands. Cool, huh?

Beyond that I found the Alamo. Quite unimpressive given its impressive history. No need to visit this site, its simply not worth waiting in line in the blazing heat. Take a virtual tour from the comfort of your living room. Your cooler living room.

The Alamo

I noticed this building from afar and kept walking until it wasnt afar. It turned out to be the Emily Morgan Hotel. I'm fascinated with triangular buildings. Flatiron and that kooky building on Market near Castro in SFO were always favorties.

Emily Morgan Hotel

The Emily Morgan Hotel aside from being one of the few examples of Goth Revival architecture this side of the MS River, has an interesting but uncertain history. Built in the 20's as a medical arts building, it morphed into office space in the 70's then became a hotel in the 80's. Ealier, although this is not clear, Emily Morgam was lady for whom the song The Yellow Rose of Texas was written. The story goes that she distracted the Mexican General, Santa Ana, at the battle of San Jacinto allowing Texas revolutionaries to defeat the Mexican Army. I kinda don't believe that since there is no real historical evidence that I've seen. Plus it would be ironic and then some that the "Yellow Rose" was a black lady. I guess it makes for good storytelling just the same.

The other interesting find was a neighborhood south of downtown called the King William District. I could have stayed here all day, the homes and grounds were fascinating.

King William District

I'll definitely return to San Antonio. Next time I will keep my walks a bit shorter and perhaps earlier in the day.

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Blogger suzy said...

Love the homes in the King William district. If I ever grow up, that would be the kind of home I would like...
When I saw the Alamo, it was big, I was small. There were no crowds, or my Dad would not have stopped!
The only place I ever got lost on my drives across the country was SATX, the roads meander! And change at a whim.
Take care of yourself in the heat, and if you could, send some warmth to us! It is cold here!

1:09 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Suzy, it probably has a bigger impact on kids. Its kind of the way I felt about Disneyworld.

SA is a very confusing drive downtown. None of the roads are on a grid and they change names for no apparent reason.

6:23 PM

Blogger Jason said...

So was Pee Wee actually wrong? There is no basement at the Alamo??

9:05 AM

Blogger Jim said...

LOL, I wouldnt know Jason :)

8:59 AM

Anonymous Richard said...

Just found your blog - I'm enjoying your musings!

I wanted to comment about Emily (Wells) Morgan - 'Yellow', or more aptly, 'high yeller', is a term used still (derogatory?) to describe a light-skinned black person.

2:00 PM


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