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Monday, June 23, 2008


I know. I officially suck at getting posts of new place out on the blog. I will try to do the office and kitchen before the weekend. Its been a busy couple of weeks at at the cancer shoppe. Some days I get in at 7a and the first time I come up for air its 6p. But I love it; its the first job I've had in a decade where I feel I am doing something important.

In the meantime I will entertain you with Houston factoids.

Houston is currently the 4th largest city. But since it grows 25% a decade and the current 3rd largest city, Chicago, is growing at 4% a decade, Houston will be the third largest city in 10 years. That would bring our metro population to near 9 million. I cant imagine another 2 million people here but I guess we will make room, lol.

Houston has the largest medical center in the world. Yes, the world. Working in the medical center is both amazing and frustrating. My research facilty occupies 45 million square feet of space in dozens of buildings but we are just one of 40 such places in a small area. The brain trust in the medical center is staggering. Parking in Manhattan on a Saturday night would be a breeze in comparison to what I face everyday. Cancer patients roam the streets 24 hours a day, most of whom come to Houston for months on end for treatment. It threw me a little in the beginning, seeing them on the streets and in the grocery store, but I still look at it as a place of hope rather than repair shoppe for the otherwise terminal.

Houston is second in hosting the most fortune 500 companies, NYC being #1.

The Port of Houston is the highest volume port in the US.

After Houston finishes its next sports arena, it will claim being the city with the most sports arenas (5, although the Astrodome is being torn down I think)

Houston was ranked the #1 city in the US for employment growth.

We have the largest Indian/Pakistani community in the country, 2nd largest Persian community and the 5th largest Arab community. The fastest growing communities in Houston are Puerto Rican, Dominican, Argentinian and Venezuelan. (good thing I know Spanish).



Blogger JC said...

Houston has been on some other Top Ten lists recently.
Houston rated as one of the top ten fattest cities by "Men's Fitness" magazine.
I think it was chins to chins with San Antonio...
Found it - here's the link:

although I thought this was interesting, Dallas, Arlington, and Ft. Worth were all ahead of Houston... I thought only the hair was big in Dallas, not the butts.
We only ever stopped in Plano for LaCrosse tournaments, so I guess they were a 'fitter crowd'

I never though of San Diego as a fat city...hummm

5:44 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Interesting, I defintely believe that about Houston. I havent found the social pressure to be thin or to eat healthy here. Also with the outrageous commutes and oppressive heat there isnt much opportunity for Houstonians to do outdoor activites.

The other strange thing here is the smoking. Everyone smokes yet Houston is home to one of the biggest cancer research facilities in the world (on second thought maybe thats a self fulling prophecy!) Houston is all non-smoking inside but in any bar you will find half the crowd out on the patio smoking!

7:47 PM

Blogger suzy said...

Thanks for the Houstoids. Mom went to Houston for some medical tests in 1990. I am sure it has grown like crazy. We had a good time there, the big bonus was we got to spend time with your parents too. Minus the medical tests it will be fun to do that again.

11:48 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Youre welcome to come back anytime Suzy. You might want to wait until Oct when it cools off a bit :)

6:31 PM


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