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Saturday, April 04, 2009

BCN: Barcelonetta and Port Olimpic

Barcelonetta is a sea-hugging, older part of town having a dual life: it hosts the working class fisherman of the city and its one of the new, "cool" parts of town under gentrification. It's gritty, offers an amazing array of seafood and should not be missed. After strolling through the ultra-confusing, nameless and signless grid of streets, try to emerge at the sea and follow the massive sidewalk toward Port Olimpic, the newer part of town in which you'll find Barcelona's rendition of the "Twin Towers", the "World Trade Center", as well as every luxury hotel built in the last decade.

Port Olimpic

The two taller buildings in the background are known locally as the Twin Towers. They are not twins, of course. The big copper looking structure is known as Moby Dick, its a huge metal scupture of a whale.

Port Olimpic - Jungle Gym at the Sea

Port Olimpic - Boats!

Port Olimpic - World Trade Center (seriously)

Barcelona's World Trade Center is currently up and running although as you can see from the photo, the top floors are still under construction.

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Blogger john said...

Sounds like an amazing site to visit.

5:33 PM

Blogger Jim said...

John, Barcelona is a fantastic city to visit!

10:39 AM


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