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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Manuel Antonio

Wow, I'm going to need to wrap up this Costa Rica thread before I completely forget the details.

Manuel Antonio is the everything area of Costa Rica. By that I mean that there will be something for everyone. Whether your thing is lounging by the beach, exploring the jungle's wildlife, adventure sports or pretending to be EuroTrash and hoping from overdone spa to overdone spa and bar to bar, you will find it here.

One thing I loved about this area was how easy it was to navigate on foot. There is only one road and it leads either to the neighboring city of Quepos or the Manuel Antonio National Park. Beware, the hill coming and going is about a 30% grade, so its not for everyone.

Beach, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

White Faced Monkeys, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Sunbathing Iguana, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Toucans, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Aside from the zipline, which I highly recommend, the other must do item in this area is the Manuel Antonio National Park. Almost all of my photos of wildlife came from the tour of the park. You can walk it yourself but it better to hire a guide, they will point out many things that you will miss on your own. Plus, they are usually very entertaining. Our guide was great, Paul Gonsalves (506-27773442), he was definitely the alpha guide and I'll leave it at that :)

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