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Saturday, August 27, 2005


Note: This post, like many others, is more to myself, to keep track and remember. Follow the logic, if you dare. Maybe someone will have insight into one of these cities that I don't

Over the last 5 years it seems like a huge chunk of my Dallas friends have moved: Lonnie to Hawaii, Dutch to New York City, Kathie to San Diego, Stephanie to Chapel Hill. London, Austin, Houston, Miami, Chicago, Boston, you name it, they are all moving. Tara is planning her first living experience outside of Dallas, in the lovely and slightly cold Minneapolis. I know Noeha will not stay in Dallas forever, we've already discussed that she cant see herself here indefinitely. I see Alana in Saledo or Florida sometime soon, maybe she will be roomates with Joyce?

I started thinking today, where will I go after my degree in '06?

Yes there are a couple of places that I will be able to work in Dallas, particularly UT Southwestern.

But I don't want to stay in Dallas. I dont hate it here, but it doesnt excite me. The advantage has been low real estate cost and a good job base. Those things no longer make up for the lack of culture or the summers that suck ass for 6 months out of the year.

Plus: great friends, low real estate cost, great restaurants, its familiar, Southwestern on a resume looks good. No state tax.

Minus: no culture, suckass weather, people suffer from Nouveau Riche syndrome, its familiar.

There are several areas where my new industry dwells.

Las Vegas
LV is aggressively incubating my industry since they feel it will draw the middle income people that the city now lacks. They also seem to have a chip on their shoulder when it comes to competing with Reno, which has some Bioinformatics momentum already. After some lengthy talks with a PhD at UNLV I feel like this city will be one target area.

Plus: I like Las Vegas, its a fun city that never sleeps. It has culture. It has more 5 star restaurants than any other US city, per capita. I have friends in Las Vegas. No state tax. From all of the reports I have read in corporate and financial rags it will continue to be the fastest growing city in the US - by 2020 it will be larger than Dallas.

Minus: Real estate values are getting steep. Summers are hot, hot, hot.

San Diego
San Diego is the birthplace of Bioinformatics. Some may disagree but from all that I've read, this is the origin. Good in that it promotes a broad job base. I've only been to San Diego a half a dozen times, each time being only for a weekend, so I don't know the city well enough to have an opinion.

Plus: Good job base. Friends that live there. Incredible weather.
Minus: Out of control real estate costs.

I spent about a year working in Atlanta so I got to know the city well. It reminded me of Dallas but with more trees and better accents. CDC is the big draw for Atlanta so it is a consideration.

Plus: Good job base. Good real estate value. Public transport. Close to the parental units.

Minus: All my Atlanta friends have long since left. Its ranked as the most transient city. Mediocre culture. People here seem to suffer from the Noveau Riche syndrome, much like Dallas.

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

I've been to Raleigh a half a dozen times on business, maybe 3-4 days a pop, so again, I dont have enough information to formulate an opinion.

Plus: Excellent job base. Good real estate value. Striking natural beauty. 4 seasons.

Minus: Didnt see much culture. Traffic is fucking insane!

Philly To Northern New Jersey
This stretch is known as the Bio corridor, heavy concentration of pharmaceutical companies. Philly, no. I've been there enough to know that I dont like it. N. New Jersey I've only seen from the Turnpike while driving into NYC, probably not the best view, so really, I have no opinion.

Washington DC
NIH is the huge draw in DC. I worked in DC for the 3 years I was associated with the CIA, NSA, Army and Navy. I love DC. Its an energetic city that has its own feverish pace.

Plus: I have friends in DC. Kick ass culture. Proximity to NYC.

Minus: Horrendous real estate cost. Snow. Crime is worse here, statistically speaking.

New York City
NYC is also trying to incubate bio companies in the Manhattan area, a plan to lessen the stance of the allmighty financial services. No, I dont think it will accomplish those lofty ends but New Yorkers can and will bring in Bio companies if this is what they want.

Plus: Duh, this is the city where I feel the most at home, I love it. The culture is the best this country has to offer. The people are individuals here, New Yorkers insist on it, they will boot you out if you aren't, yo. Public transport or walk everywhere; no car or associated costs. Being stubborn, opinionated, quick-thinking, smart-mouthed, walking fast and not caring too much what people think about you is just the 'accepted norm' -- I fit in. My good friend Dutch is here.

Minus: Snow, unobtainable real estate, sketchy job base. Since I would have to live in Manhattan there would be that crappy city tax.

There are also some international sites which I haven't started investigating.

Sao Paulo


Blogger Sangroncito said...

Oh, what fun! Help Jim pick a city. On your list I like New York for the same reasons you do, and it's my hometown, so I'm biased, too.
I like San Diego. Nice weather, and close to Tijuana (ok Sangroncito, calm down. Not everyone goes crazy over those latino guys).
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale? Why not? Think of all those latin guys! Oh, sorry, Sangroncito has a one track mind.
Sao Paulo....BRAZILIANS! What more can I say!
So you see, I'm probably the worst person in the world to give you an opinion. If you ever need any tips on where to find the best latin hang-outs, though, just holler!

2:24 AM

Blogger Jim said...

LOL, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you would pick a city with latin density?

You would probably like my neighborhood, we are right next to 'Little Mexico'. :)

8:26 AM

Blogger purpletwinkie said...

I've spent time in most of the cities on your list. Above all, my choice would be NYC. I heart NY.

With that said... someone...hmmm, someone you know lives in Las Vegas. I wonder who that could be? ;)

There's no question that LV is an interesting place to live. For me, there are just as many cons as there are pros (just like most places I suppose).

10:54 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Yes, several someones including you! Mostly friends from my California days: Donnie, Jean and Nick. Funny that they all wound up a mile from each other but didnt necessarily know one another. I finally wound up introducing them all to each other the last time I was out!

2:22 PM

Blogger Matthew said...

Jim - I think you should seriously look at Atlanta :-) he he

Not that I am biased.

Actually you listed a lot of great cities to live in. How fun and exciting to investigate and decide where you want the next stage of your life to happen....

2:42 PM

Blogger Matthew said...

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2:43 PM

Blogger Matthew said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:47 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Hey Matt,

I will. After you get settled I will come visit you and Sam. You both can show me what's what in Atlanta!

3:32 PM

Blogger theclamwhisperer said...

That's a hard choice because I think you picked some great spots. My vote...for what it's worth --San Diego, Atlanta or New York. I'd say because of the Latin guys but I think Sangroncito covered that.

8:44 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Hi Catchyouontherehab,

Yes, it will be difficult! At least I have another year to decide. If I had my way it would be NYC but there's that pesky income thing to consider :)

Now, if only I could find someone to comment on the latin guy angle :) hehehe

9:58 PM

Blogger Jim said...

You've been talking about NYC for so long that I would think that would be the hands-down winner. :) Besides, eliminating the costs associated with the Porsche should off-set the pesky income thing! *lol

3:52 PM

Blogger Jim said...


Actually the car is not a financial consideration after this year (yay!). Even with that out of the way I grumble over spending an additional $2000/mo to live in less than half the space I have now. Then theres the non-existent bio job base, lol.

Now, if someone wants to pay me $10K a month thats a different story :)

Welcome to blog land! I cant wait to read yours when I get back from my little trip to the beach :)

5:17 PM

Blogger hbjock said...

Wow, sounds like you have a lot of different choices to make... and I have no idea what bioinformatics is.. so I couldn't really help you pick a place.. sorry! =)

1:35 AM

Blogger Jim said...


I really should post a description of my new field and *why* I chose to pursue it!

I think *the place* will occur to me as things progess. Most likely I will go to the highest bidder ... lol.

7:21 AM

Blogger lasomniloquy said...

Have you considered New Zealand? Politically, ecologically, ethically intelligent. I may end up there...the only consideration is that they have a winter..but then you can go to Bali for a few months.

10:32 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Had not thought about New Zealand. Sydney is about I close as I came. I'll have to look into it too, thanks!

12:53 AM

Blogger Noeha said...

Ok, I second the motion - go live with the Kiwis (at least for a while), so I can visit! One of the places I haven't yet been, which I'm dying to see! :)

11:47 PM


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