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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Decoration, Epilogue

Viola! Now you understand why I don't put up a tree, I would have to start the decorating in June :)

The Coffee Table
A blogger asked me last night where I bought my coffee table. Well, I didn't. Its makeshift. The 'base' consists of four pedestals I got from an internet store. They were white concrete until one afternoon, in a fit of artistic insanity, I took a paintbrush and 7 colors to them. The 'top' is an old oak-framed mirror I've been dragging around with me since the 80's. Instead of stuffing it under the bed (yet again, since it weighs 75 pounds requiring 4 molly bolts in a stud) I took some paint to it too. Poof, its a coffee table.

I've been reluctant to write anything about dating, since I'm having mixed feelings about the whole thing. It doesn't have much to do with the people I have been seeing, they are actually solid on most levels. But the reality is that I will likely have to leave Dallas this time next year to pursue the new career. I don't have a problem with it, since when I date I don't expect that it will necessarily lead anywhere. But I seem to be in the minority with that thinking.

I've been up-front with the moving thing and at least the words coming back to me are 'thats cool, we'll see how it goes'. But I rarely listen to words, I read people's body language and whats in their eyes. What I read consistently is disappointment, which makes me feel awkward. Dating is supposed to be fun, isn't it? This is also contrary to my other friends who are dating to find THE ONE and consistently find people only wanting something more casual. Maybe I should propose a switch :)

Two of my lesbian friends are hounding me to meet yet another because 'we know you two will become the best of friends'. Right, that is why they keep going over the physical characteristics of this person, because that is something that leads to 'best friends'. LOL, do I look like I'm 12? I finally caved in just so they would ease up on the daily calls. We were supposed to meet last night but I pulled the weather trump card (see above). Fortunately it met with total agreement. We rescheduled but I hope this won't be another disappointed face.

Anyway, I'm babbling ... moving on ...

Fall '05 Wrap Up

  • Biochemistry A
  • Bioinformatics A
  • Data Mining A
  • Cell Biology A

I don't normally care too much about grades, its more the content I'm going after. But I found out today after talking to a colleague at MD Anderson that if I expect to be involved in Cancer or HIV research, I should be concerned about them, particularly at any facility involved in academics. OK, I will be concerned now. He went on to say that some places will not consider you if your GPA is under a 3.8. OK, now I will be more than concerned. Sheesh, brutal cutoff, its almost like med school, I hope he was kidding but he's a hard read on the phone.


Blogger Adam said...

Good job on the grades! I've never heard of an institution using grades for hiring qualifications.

Eh the dating thing is a catch 22 in my opinion. Hnestly I'd have to say that I would react the same way as some of your suitors. I think a year from now is too short to be able to say that if it worked out you would move together and it would be too difficult if it did work out for a year and then you moved. Academics have a hard time building relationships until they know where they're going to be somewhat permanently.

10:05 AM

Blogger Brian said...

My goodness, you are well-endowed with balls, aren't you?

This dating thing sounds difficult. If only it were easy to just be happy in the moment, without expectations and attachments, the world would be quite a different place. You wouldn't have to worry about grades, either! Although I think you've already proven that meeting academic expectations is something you can handle quite well, smarty-pants. Congratulations!

11:47 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Adam, thanks!

Right, I've never heard of that either but I come from a business software background where people not only don't care about grades, they don't even care if you have degree.

I totally respect those people who feel as you do, however I wish they would be a little more direct in expressing them.

Another friend proposed this morning that I am setting myself up as a challenge; the 'we can change him' mentality. While I think that is stupid, I suppose I have to allow for the possibility.

12:21 PM

Blogger Jim said...

LOL yes Brian, and there are more I am keeping hidden in a box in the closet :)

It has become more difficult that it is worth, frankly. I have a Buddha head so I am quite happy in the moment, now if there were just a few more people that understood that :)

Thanks for the congrats but I think this semester was just dumb luck :)

12:39 PM

Blogger The Persian said...

Very creative..and those FLOORS!! this a house or an apartment? I love that room top to bottom. About the dating I'm so going through a I don't want to meet anyone phase. But that is likely to change come the new year. Hope this guy works out, how can he not fall madly in love with you??


1:13 PM

Blogger Jim said...

"Dumb luck" my ass! I know you applied yourself to achieve those grades, plus you're inherently smart to begin with. Congrats on the four A's!
As for the holiday decor - I have never seen your place so in the spirit of the season! I know that the biggest challenge for you was the color placement of the ornaments. I have a feeling that they were moved from one hanger to the other a few times until you got the feng shei just right! (I see that the blue ball started out in the lower right corner originally and is now in the upper right...) *LOL Good job!

1:23 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Persian Guy!

These units were orginally built in the 40's as apartments then went condo sometime in the 80's.

Believe it or not the former owners covered these floors in ugly brown carpet. The first thing I did was rip all of that crap out, run down to Home Depot to rent a sander and find out what was underneath the crud. I was really happy with the way they turned out :)

Now, you know only Persians fall madly in love with me, Blind Date is Italian so the dynamic will be entirely different, lol :)

1:44 PM

Blogger Jim said...

ROFLMAO!! Jimbo, you know me too well because that is EXACTLY what I did!

Symmetry, dammit, I must have symmetry, but not perfect symmetry because that would be boring, lol :)

Thanks for the compliment but I see myself not as smart but as motivated and unwilling to back down from an academic challenge. (yea, alright, stubborn is a good word too :)

1:47 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Wait a minute, Jim. It just occurred to me that you said you were going on a date. We've been commenting on each other's blogs for a few months, now... I thought that meant you wouldn't be seeing other guys. And this moving next year thing... How could you string me along like this? What about my needs? What about the china pattern I picked out? What about my blueprints for re-modelling your house? To top it all off, you casually mentioned in your comment that some character named "Buddha" gives you head. Oh, the cruelty of it all. That's it, I want a divorce. ;)

2:35 PM

Blogger Jim said...


Now Brian, you know we discussed this before. I cannot offer you a monoga-blogous relationship, I still feel the need to comment on other people's blogs.

(Your sense of humor is priceless, I had to pick myself up off the floor :)

3:11 PM

Blogger ScottyFerguson said...

holy crap thats your place?

I'm single...
for you!

The guys i date have at least one cinderblock "LEG" on something in the apt.

Nice place Jim.

8:02 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Scotty, Thanks, glad you like :)

Oh, the cinderblock look, I did that in college, the first time through. Very chic. I also did the end tables made out of cardboard boxes with tablecloths thrown over them :)

8:32 AM

Blogger Schlitz25 said...

yeah! Super nice place. I cant believe i didnt see it when i was in Dallas....boohooo.

Dating...yeah...i dont understand it.I need a tutorial. I need a class like Daters Education. Good luck Jim.

12:38 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Sam, I think you and Matt had better things to do than see my living room :)

Oh, if you find that tutorial, let me know :)

12:32 AM


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