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Monday, December 12, 2005

The Extrovert

Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, please take your seats under the big top, the circus of Dallas Dating is about to begin.

The Blind Date happened, lol.

We made plans to meet for coffee at a place not far from me. I could spot Blind Date from my car even though all I knew was that I was looking for an Italian in a blue shirt. Turned out it wasn't just any blue shirt, it was a royal blue Jocko stretchy tank top. Oh, lord. Its not so much the tank top, since I have one just like it, rather it was the fact that he was wearing it 40 degree weather. Who the heck wears a tank top in 40 degree weather?

Scary, but I decided to go in anyway, lol.

Introductions, coffee and I unwrapped myself from my leather jacket, scarf and wool beanie cocoon. You know I had to get the tank top issue on the table.

Arent you cold in just a tank top?
Not really, I'm Italian, we're all kind of hot blooded you know *wink

Yeah, ok, lol.

There was some chatter about his youth in New Jersey, family, moving to Dallas with the old partner, now removed. But all the while Blind Date is flexing every time he picks up his coffee, moves, stretches, breathes. It was exaggerated and intentional -- look at me, look at me, I work out! There were even a few gratuitous pec flips. Cheeseball, lol. OK, Blind Date does have a nice body but so what, everyone in Dallas has a nice body, Dallas might as well be Los Angeles without the ocean or nice weather.

Blind Date started asking questions.

So what do you do?
Software but I'm in school to do more of a medically related career.
So, your into playing doctor? *wink. I like playing doctor *wink

OK. What's with the cheesy wink thing? Its a good thing I'm only willing to commit to coffee for an initial meeting. Coffee meetings give you an implicit out after 30 minutes or you can extend for hours if you're having a good time. My turn to ask questions.

So what do you do?
I'm an accountant.
So you enjoy that?
I'd like it better if I could do it naked, *wink.

OK. Again with the sexual inuendo and the cheesy winking. Has anyone else noticed that time is moving at a much slower pace tonight? I'll fast forward through the rest of the conversation but rest assured there was more winking, flexing and inuendo. At some point it registered with Blind Date that his usual hook-em routine was not working with me, at that point he made a good observation.

You're an introvert, aren't you?
Well, yeah.
That must really confuse alot of people

Pretty smart for a cheeseball. I am introverted, as in my world is defined through internal mechanisms, concepts and abstractions that I perceive or feel. As opposed to Blind Date, who is a flaming extrovert, someone who is defined by everything physical around them. And this has confused people because most relate introverted with shy, unsocial or self-absorbed. I'm defintely not shy and I socialize plenty when I have the time. Self-absorbed? Well, opinions vary, lol.

After that revelation Blind Date turned it down a little, stopped the winking, put on his jacket and we had more coffee and another hour's worth of conversation. During this time we discovered that we live within walking distance of each other, which seemed to really appeal to Blind Date.

How convenient, maybe I will stop by after my evening jog, *wink
Maybe you'll call first. Oh hey, do you read blogs?
No, not really, why?
No reason, just curious, *wink


Blogger ScottyFerguson said...

Maybe your medical experiance could help him with that damn eye twitch.

What a goofball. I get it your gay. Innuendo doesnt work when there is no need to imply anything.

2:54 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Exactly Scotty, overkill.

4:18 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Well that sounded painful. You've just reminded me why I never go on blind dates! *LOL

7:57 AM

Blogger Jim said...

By the way, was his name Guido by chance? :)

10:57 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Nor do I Jimbo, this was to get the lovely but persistent girls off my back. Guido? LOL, no but since I don't use their real names I will use Guido from now on ... IF there is anymore to say about this one :)

2:49 PM


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