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Monday, March 06, 2006

Boy Bullets, Entradas

Home Depot Guy

Maybe someone can answer this one. Why is it when you look and feel your worst that people choose that exact moment to ask you out? Such is the case for HD Guy. Picture it, I'm 15 pounds over the weight I like, I'm dressed in my fat boy 501's, an old-man $2 hanes T, workboots and frankly I didnt bother showering/shaving since I was going to Home Depot. Nice, right? :)

HD Guy approaches me in the lighting ailse with a 'Hey, I havent seen you at the Round Up in a while'. OK, I don't remember HD Guy and its been a good 2 years since I stepped into the Round Up. I faked kinda remembering him but he saw through it and re-introduced himself.

There are some bonuses to HD Guy. He is interesting culturally; he's half Indian (from India) and half Italian. I'm sure most people would label him as latino but his look is more Indian. He was born in Rome and grew up on the east coast. He came to Dallas in the late 90's to go to college, he decided to stay. He has an Italian last name and a slight Italian accent which doesn't at all go with the Indian look. Cool, huh?

He is also a student (MBA) so he understands the busy and irregular schedule that I keep. He understand calling me at the last minute will 99% of time get an 'I'm busy" response. He understands I do not have 30 minutes a day to chat idly on the phone. Scheduling in advance is systemic with him.

He lives 2 miles away. Wait, that could be bad too :)

There are some disadvantages too. There is a 14 year gap in our ages. While this doesn't dictate a problem, the potential is there and its a greater potential than there would be with someone closer in age.

He struggles with things that have become implicit knowledge for me: like the fact that most people in your life are simply cameo appearances and not life-long friends. The other struggle is getting older - he fears it, I already know it isn't to be feared and theres only one way out of getting older and that option isnt so nice.

4 Years Ago Guy

If you guessed that there is some history with 4YA Guy, you would be correct.

Generally I don't date the same person twice. Usually that is because there is this huge lapse in contact then they resurface as if nothing has happened and expect to pick up where they left off. Hmmm, let me think about that, no. 4YA Guy was different though, there was never a big gap in communication, just a small transition from dating to friendship, one that suited us both well.

I like 4YA Guy, he has a laid back and easy-to-be-with personality. He is smart in the academic sense and more importantly in the life experience sense, making him seem more my age than his age (again, he is younger, but only by 9 years :)

The issue I had with 4YA Guy the first time around was that he was a little on the passive aggressive side. That seems to be gone now. Maybe just age and experience have cleared that up, maybe the slapping on another 20 pounds of muscle gave him a confidence boost. Who knows?

4YA Guy also goes to school on top of working full time so there is the bonus of his understanding my schedule. Interestingly, his school material overlaps with mine, we are both going into life sciences and away from business.

Anyway, those are the entradas thus far. I like them both but if I had to choose, I would probably go with 4YA Guy.


Blogger Noeha said...

Personally, I kinda favor the 4YA guy, as you know! ;)

10:38 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I'm sure 4YA Guy will appreciate the vote :)

3:21 PM


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