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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cooktops & Cleavage

Over the weekend I went to the opening of the Milestone Culinary Arts Center. This was bascially a reincarnation of the Viking Culinary Academy, they just stripped out all of the ailses of cookware and food stuff and made it a showroom for Viking cooktops. Talk about expensive cooktops, sheesh. Thankfully they left the two classrooms alone and you can still take classes there.

It was quite a nice event: celeb chef Dean Fearing, formerly of The Manision, was there shaking hands and giving cooking demos. I'm sure he is preparing to PR his new concept restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas, which opens in the Fall 2007. Fearing's replacement at The Mansion, the uber-cute John Tesar was also there. Tesar is young, I'd say mid-to-late 20's, lets hope that youth will breathe progesssive changes into the menu at The Mansion.

20 or so servers were roving with red and white wine. 'Cuisine stations' were set up approximately every 2 nanometers with knockout offerings. I think my favorite was the station hosted by the Food Network, they were serving a Mac & 6-cheese with herbed filet mignon, wow! Yes, I ate red meat, and like Carrie's mom - I liked it, I liked it!

The real highlight for me was watching my friend, Girlfriend Z (not to be confused with Girlfriend X). She is currently going through a separation, actually her soon-to-be-former anchor around her neck has found someone new so he filed for divorce. Girlfriend Z was looking quite happy and extremely fetching in her Carrie Bradshaw skirt with tastefully low-cut top. Lets just say she was taking her cleavage out for the night. I had to laugh, the photographers from D Magazine were following her around like drooling, attention-starved puppies.

I hope that she and her cleavage are splattered all over D magazine next month, that would be a subtle but effective blow to her soon-to-be-former anchor around her neck's ego, and it would be well-deserved :)

(alas, I forgot my camera that night, so there are no photos)


Blogger purpletwinkie said...

Forgot your camera? Shame on you. Sounds like great fun :)

Maybe they'll start calling it "Double-D Magazine"?

And thanks for the BDay shout :) Hugs

8:40 AM

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...

Very good visual...I wish there were pictures, but I think I got it without them.

11:04 AM

Blogger Jason said...

Sounds like you had a great time. You're quite into the local restaurant/culinary scene, do you ever try to replicate any of these tasty dishes at home?

Oh, and you're really testing my "lose weight" will- power with these culinary posts :)

8:57 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I am a bad bad boy, Scott:)

Oh lets not give the people at D magazine any ideas about how to incorporate more breastiness into their operations, thank you :)

9:52 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Not much need for the physical imagery, is there Steve :)

9:55 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Jason, I grilled the chick from the Food Network until she coughed up the cheeses in the Mac & 6-cheese. I am replicating it as we speak :)

Weight loss? I could snap you like a chicken youre so thin (I say in my best Big Fat Greek Wedding voice)

10:00 PM


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