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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Boss Man and I are taking his plane out to Abilene today to do some business. Is it wrong for me to be more excited about the plane ride than the work? :)



Blogger suzy said...

Heck No! I am always more excited about the plane ride than any work involved. I hope you had a grand time!

11:00 PM

Blogger Gavin Elster said...

Abilene? J. Lynn?

I say Sepulveda did it.

11:54 PM

Blogger Sorted said...

The plane ride sounds like a blast, the work, not so much. Have fun!

4:53 AM

Anonymous Jason said...

Was there a short man on an island yelling out, "Da Plane Boss, da plane" upon your arrival?

8:17 AM

Blogger Jim said...

I did Suzy. The plane ride was great, its amazing how much easier it is than driving!

8:45 AM

Blogger Jim said...

I'm totally missing that reference Gavin! :)

8:50 AM

Blogger Jim said...

It was Sorted, can't wait until my next trip :)

8:58 AM

Blogger Jim said...

No Jason, but there was a cowboy with a handlebar stache offering to refuel. (Does that count, lol)

9:03 AM

Blogger Gavin Elster said...

Yeah it was kind of obscure. As a myopic Californiain the only thing I know about Abiline is a TV NEWS Reporter named Jennifer Lynn Olson - Servo was murdered in her apartment back in 2002 and the case was never solved. DATELINE is currently producing an episode on this case.
Thats what comes to mind when I think of Abilene.
Not families, or community or "Gee what a nice city" Nope... It's "Thats where that Reporter got killed".

10:40 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Wow Gavin, you know more about Abilene than I do (I didnt know about the reporter). I now refer to Abilene as that blip on the GPS screen right after Fort Worth (its pretty small from 5500 ft.)

6:37 PM

Blogger Michael said...

Nope, nothing wrong with being more excited about the plane ride.

I had to go down to Rehovot yesterday, also for business, and the train was much more exciting.

12:41 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Michael, Oooh, I like trains too, I havent been on one since I was in Italy!

8:51 AM


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