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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New world

After 2 weeks in downtown I have determined that downtown is like a whole other city apart from the rest of Dallas. I wanted to move to another city, so I kinda did :) So far I like it. Downtown has a long way to go in terms of services but they have come a long way since even 5 years ago. I'm thinking with another 2000 residential units coming online in the fall that the services will follow. I'm loving the fact that I can walk everywhere and that I can take the light rail to various places instead of drive. I'm also loving that there are only 3 units on my floor and the only person I share any wall with travels 80% of the time!

I finally managed to get to some of the movies that came in May. I liked this one.

Overall it had a feel-good feel but it wasn't without its sullen moments. Tim Robbins was at his best in this role and Sarah Polley, where the hell did she come from? Phenomenal! Highly recommended for one of those introspective nights about life, perspective and the fundamental meaning of love.


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


FINALLY, after a month of no internet access either at work or home, I am connected again. I didnt realize how much I do on the internet until it was no longer available.

On the other extreme, I have not ordered cable in the new place since I've been without it since May and dont miss it.

Since I am now connected at home I will resume my regular broadcasting over the weekend.



Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Sorry for the lack of blog, I still have spotty internet access and that is only when I can hijack an unsecured wireless :)

I am moving into my loft dowtown tomorrow, exciting! I see all new furniture coming :)

New job is very exciting. We moved into our space over the weekend which is built into an old airplane hanger. Now I live and work in converted loft space. We will be hiring 2 C# developers so if you know anyone ...

I should have my own internet access on Friday so I promise to post more.