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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Kendra's husband turned 40, woo! In honor of his older-ness, she decided to throw him a party. Just for fun, since they are both from a small town in West Texas, she decided a white trash theme would be the most interesting. It was! You know when you've got sausage balls, trahscan punch, a blowup doll and men in half shirts, there is going to be trouble.

HEU Tara and Me before the trek

HEU Tara, Bon Jovi video slut impression

Kendra, strippered out

Kendra and formerly Ricky Bobby

My Ricky Bobby costume didnt last long since it was long sleeve, oh so breathable nylon and it was hot outside. I should have just worn my stripper outfit. Well, on second thought.

The party was fun. Kndra had been planning the details for months, acquiring those important items like individual vacuum sealed Spam, pie tin plates, NASCAR posters, mullet wigs and the all important blowup doll.

Every party should have one

The blowup doll became more and more gross as the evening went on. Someone stuck a mullet wig in the doll's bikini, then there was the grilled sausages and Vienna sausages. Naturally the cheese in a can found its way to her head. I wont post those since they make me throw up a little.


Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sorry, its been a heavy travel week, um, month.

My birthday was a whirlwind. I was in ATL at a conference. Apologies to my ATL friends for not calling but my schedule was packed to the 15 minute interval. Boss and boss's dad did take me to lunch at a nice place downtown called Ray's - highly recommended.

The parental visit to Dallas was very fun. They rather liked the apt. and downtown Dallas. My dad even ventured to the sketchy corner where the drunks and hookers hang to get a newspaper. We had the best dinner at Stephan Pyles. I have been there several times but this time we all tried the 10 course tasting menu. Un-believable! Please allow 3-4 hours for the tour.

I will try to post some pics of the White Trash Birthday my friend Kendra threw for her Hubbie's 40th. What a hoot. There were some really trashy costumes. Tara went all Bon Jovi video slut and I went Ricky Bobby (I dont recommend this nylon costume for outdoor parties in the summer!) lol

Cheers, J.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

May I present Mr. & Mrs. DC Mom

I have 3 mothers: the real one, the DC Mom and the Oklahoma Mom. Last weekend it was DC Mom's turn to walk down the aisle! So for those whining about how they will never find the right person and get married, she is proof you are whining for nothing.

I had not been to DC since I worked for "the company" so it was interesting to see it again. I have to say it hasnt changed much except the homeless problem has definitely become more widespread and it was not just contained to the sketchy areas.

Mr & Mrs DC Mom

Wedding - beautiful. Reception - intimidating. A friend of DC Mom decided to have the reception at her house. How nice of her. I thought her house was an embassy. Not just because it was on Embassy Row around the corner from the French Embassy, more because it was freaking huge and exquisite. I was afraid to touch anything. Or breathe.

I do, now when is my flight to Paris?

HEU Tara was my plus one for the wedding. We had never travelled before so this was a good interview to see how we would do on our week trip to Israel next month. We did well, too well, she is like me with boobs.

Anyway, HEU Tara was concerned about her dress showing the big dragoness tatoo on her shoulder and back. Fortunately it was a well-received, everyone asked about it and complemented her. She was even hit on by a retired federal judge. Does anyone else smell trophy wife or is it just me? :)

HEU Tara @ the reception

The day after the wedding HEU Tara and I walked the mall and dipped in and out museums. I had seen most of them when I lived in DC. The only one I didn't see, since it is relatively new, was the American Indian museum. Its interesting but the outside is better than the inside.

American Indian Museum

The one restaurant I will recommend if you are in DC is Il Mulino. You NYers already know about it, but now DC gets its turn. 5-star Italian and service that you want to take home in doggy bag. The only downside to Il Mulino is that you will need $100 a person.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Le Living Room

How does one start putting together a living room? I just start by finding something I really like and building around it. In this case it was a vase. Its Waterford, which is odd since usually I am not a fan of Waterford. I think it was the color combo: red, orange and a brownish purple. Me like.

Then I needed something to host the vase so I picked up something else I really liked, the Saarinen side table in white marble. I've always liked this table and the design has been around since 1957, so I have to assume it is a classic by now.

Now I needed something to sit on so I could look at the vase on the table. Hows about some white sofa? Of course its was dark before I picked up the funky 6 1/2 ft. tall Pablo lights.

Mom is working on the artwork for above the sofa: 9 3'x3' modern oils all in various shades of orange, red, purple, black and of course, the new color, white.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day

It was quiet but good. I didnt want to do too much since I have several trips in the next week: Austin, Atlanta and DC. Of course the DC trip is the main event, my DC mom is getting married. After those trips the parentals come to visit.

Some friends from Houston were in town Saturday, so I ran them around the downtown area and met them in Oaklawn for dinner.

I went with photographer to have the Israel photos framed. Framer works with photographer often so he passed on his discount to me, yay! The finished pieces should be done next week.

I located big camera this morning so I will take some shots of my place tonight.