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Thursday, August 09, 2007

3's A Charm

Apparently practice makes perfect, at least in this case it does. There have been two others but this one, the third one, is IMHO the best. Great acting from everyone, interesting story lines that blended plot elements of the previous two, wicked action and editing that almost defies logic and technology. I loved the filming style; the superimposing memory flashbacks in a faded, jagged, almost super-8 quality style on top of an already frantic reporting-on-the-run style in the present. Definitely catch it on the big screen, I think the FX will be lost on video.

I hear that Damon doesn't want to make the remaining 2 Bourne books into films, that he doesn't want to be "branded" as Jason Bourne, that it might hurt his acting future. Right, I guess that whole "007" thing was really damaging to Sean Connery's career.

Bourne Ultimatum

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Blogger Matthew said...

I have not seen any of the Bourne movies - maybe I need to catch up and start renting them.....hmmmm

5:20 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Oh yeah Matt, definitely see Bourne Identity and Supremacy before Ultimatum or you'll be lost!

8:12 PM

Anonymous Jason said...

Loved the first two, and planning to see this one over the weekend.

I heard 2 guys coming out of the theater after seeing this (I caught the Simpsons movie) and they were giddy after the Bourne Ult. saying they had to pee so bad but couldnt leave the film. I think they were straight too.

9:20 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Jason, It was the same situation for me too, I couldnt get out of my seat. It was a very quick two hours!

6:26 AM

Blogger Michael said...

You know, I still haven't seen any of the films. I did read one of the books, but I've never liked Ludlum.

Strange, really, because I like spy thrillers.

Without a dvd player, it'll probably be kinda hard to see any new movies for a while.

6:36 AM

Blogger Matthew said...

Ok Jim - you convinced me - I am going to go and rent the first two this weekend so I can catch up on the series

Matt Damon isnt bad to look at either :-)

5:18 PM

Blogger john said...

I still need to see the first couple Bourne movies.

5:26 PM

Blogger Donald Douglas said...

I loved the Ludlum Bourne books. I like Matt Damon, but I'm still warming to the movies.

Interesting post, in any case!

6:24 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Matt, watching them all in one shot is a good idea, you'll be primed for Ultimatum!

6:53 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Michael, I never like Ludlum except for the Bourne series. Oh yeah, that will be a little impossible without a DVD player! Seems like you keep yourself very busy without movies however :)

6:55 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Definitely see those first, John

6:56 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Donald! I liked the books and the movies. It actually took me until the second Bourne movie to like Damon in the role but now to me he is Bourne.

6:57 PM

Anonymous kip152 said...

Of course, this once again brings up the age-old question: In a fight, who wins, Bond or Bourne?

2:50 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Kip, oh, thats always a good question.

I'm thinking the Bond (new Bond) would win!

11:37 AM

Blogger The Persian said...

I loved the first two, so I am surely (based on your review) going to love this one!

Thanks for the heads up.

Matt Damon is also a fellow Baystater and we are the same age!


10:41 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Jim, this one is loads better than the previous two so you will love it!

6:47 PM


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