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Saturday, July 28, 2007


Here it is, the new sofa. I realize ivory is not the most pratical color but keep in mind I have no children, pets and I only allow clear liquids in the house :)



Blogger Michael said...

I only allow clear liquids in the house

You mean, like the margarita in the post below, right?

Nice sofa. Tithadesh.

2:20 AM

Blogger rachel said...

the margarita below doesnt look clear to me. cranberry juice is clear though. :)

9:58 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Ah Michael, but if you remember the margarita was outside :)

6:26 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Yes Rachel it is. I love white cranberry juice :)

6:27 AM

Blogger Michael said...

Yes, it was outside. Looked kinda big, too. I wouldn't sit on that sofa after drinking it...

10:34 AM

Blogger JC said...

Funny, it doesn't look like it came from IKEA!?

9:34 PM

Blogger Jim said...

And no sitting on the sofa in new jeans either :) Its funny, I spilled some coffee on the sofa a couple of days ago but I took the slip cover off and spot cleaned it and it looks just fine!

6:25 AM

Blogger Jim said...

LOL, JC, no you di'int say IKEA!

6:26 AM

Anonymous Jason said...

Very classy, I love it!

6:59 AM

Blogger carl r said...

Hey, nice couch. I guess you don't put your feet up, right?

9:06 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Jason! I love it too, its a very different look than my previous condo :)

8:40 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Oh no Carl, I do, its just that I'm wearing really clean white socks when I do that :)

8:40 PM

Blogger carl r said...

I guess I'll never hang at your house; I only own various dark ragg wool socks.

1:22 PM

Blogger Jim said...

But Carl that might leave lint, lol :) J/K, I actually spilled a non-clear liquid on the sofa and it cleaned right up without much effort.

7:04 PM


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