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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Talented Mr. Mueck

HEU Tara and I had a Fort Worth day. We took in exhibits at both the Kimbell and Modern. It was nice day, complete with $30 lunch at the Modern Cafe, which is exceptional if you are ever at the Modern and become suddenly struck with the urge to lunch.

I have to say my favorite of the day was the exhibit by Ron Mueck. Favorite, but very disturbing, bordering creepy. What Mueck does is resin composite sculpture of humans. The detail is extraordinary; the hair, the eyes, even the splotchy discoloration of skin as it ages. Its the imperfections he has perfected which give his art an unnerving lifelike quality. What makes them borderline creepy is scale. Most of his works are 10 to 100 times larger or smaller than life.

Ron Mueck Sculpture

I saw his eyes move, I swear! :)

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Blogger Michael said...

I saw the picture before reading the article; that was creepy!

6:06 AM

Blogger john said...

Oh, that is very creepy indeed.

8:40 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Very creepy but still cool. I think I want a mini-Mueck to put in my entry hall :)

9:53 PM

Blogger Gavin Elster said...

Its the jaundiced look that creeps me out. That waxy yellow look. Please tell me there was a gift shop selling small replicas of this!

2:49 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Unfortunately no Gavin. And I really want to put a mini Mueck in my entry hall :)

6:25 AM


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