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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I was lucky enough to learn in my early teens that you never know who your friends are until you move away. Oh sure, you can have 1000's of people you like and consider "friends" but most will quickly fade after you move.

The New Yorker and I were discussing that just yesterday. He experienced it quite heavily when he left Dallas. I know I will too. I can almost predict the 2 out of hundreds that will make an effort to keep in touch. No reason to feel sad for the others; cameo appearances have their place in life and about 99% of the people you meet are just that. Know them, like them, move on but don't hold on.

Then the New Yorker described his first experience with what I can only call the low-rent, middle-manager technique. You are familiar with this technique too. This is when someone is upset with you but instead of communicating such in a direct, adult mannner (assuming the person is older than say, 13) they just say nothing. Then he went on to describe another experience with what I like to call the stern-mommy management style, where again, instead of communicating effectively the person just assumes a passive-aggressive, cold, disconnected disposition. Well I had to laugh. I forget that people like this exist. To me its just simple time management to let go of these people. Done. And really there isn't even a reason to be upset about it since there are billions of other people to meet.

Reflecting, its nice to be at a stage in life where you know where to make time investments and more importantly, where not to.



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