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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Strange Holiday

First time I've done the holidays solo. I liked it, although it was strange not having my niecelettes jumping up and down on my bed at 5 am to open presents. Did I say strange? I meant really, really great. LOL.

I painted. I finally finished my "Jerusalem" painting. Picture pending until there is sun again. I started a new one "Rio", which is an excercise in bright, intersecting circles and Swarovski crystals. Its got bling but so does the city of Rio. Its taking forever but I hope to finish it before I run off to Spain.

Cooking, of course. I finally made a Chicken Noodle Soup from scratch. Except it was more a chicken, turkey, collard green and egg noodle soup. Delicious and postable this week (hopefully, if work goes well)

I found out from my dad that my soon to be former bro-in-law is now back living with my sister. WTF? When did multiple affairs with multiple women spanning multiple years become a forgivable crime? How did we move from divorce court to "lets try to work this out"? LOL. Well, whatever, my sister can do whatever she feels is necessary but as for me and the bro-in-law its done.

No trust and no respect = no relationship. Its just that simple.

Clearly I made the right choice staying in Houston; I missed snow, delays in travel, being stuck in a suburban Cincinnati hell and a bro-in-law that I would have completely and intentionally disrespected in my subtle, overly-sympathetic way.



Blogger suzy said...

I am looking forward to seeing the paintings!
I am in the WTF camp, however, sister is smart. I would love to be there if you ever get a chance to "chat" with what's his name....

1:26 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Suzy, yes she is!

No real need for me to talk to whats his name, there are plenty of other people in the world to talk to, lol.

6:36 AM


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