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Sunday, January 18, 2009


If you've been looking for the perfect indie film that is both interesting and feel good, a comedy with a romantic spin and only a time commitment of 85 minutes. Look no further.

The themes in this film are love, mathematics, the illusion of control overlaying the inevitable reality of chaos. All of which are wrapped up in a clever script, good flow and dead-pan dark comedy.

Ryan Reynolds scorches as the efficiency expert who realizes that lists and careful planning are not a panacea. And really, they create a narrow, unaccomodating structure from he must escape as he learns surprising details surrounding his marriage and friends. I'd have never thought of Reynolds as a leading man, having only ever seen him make a brief appearance in an X-Files episode cicra 1995, but he firmly holds this underrated Indie together. I'll look forward to seeing more him in the future.

Chaos Theory

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Blogger The Persian said...

I actually fell for Ryan in the Amityville Horror remake a few years back.... not too sure if you are into horror, but if so, check it out!

Hope you are doing well buddy.


7:34 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Doing well Jim, thanks!

Havent seen the remake of AH but plop, into the Blockbuster Q!

6:10 AM


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