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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Run It

I won't get into why I didn't go on my New Years Eve date or why I didn't go to Noeha's for a champagne toast. I won't even go into why I spent the night watching the top 100 video countdown on BET, but that's how I spent my night :)

It was fun, actually. I used to really be into soul and R&B in high school, that is, until I got into punk rock. It was nice getting to know the new kids in that market, some are really good.

Chris Brown is one of the newbies, he is 16, SIX freakin' TEEN, sheesh. He's got a great voice, even if you don't like the style of music. I won't compare him to Michael Jackson like everyone else has, he's different than MJ, in a good way. Funny that he is from random town Virginia, population 2000.

He comes on after Julez Santana in the video. I liked the nod to Romeo Void and the dancing, if I tried that I would be in traction, lol.

I think I might be going through a new R&B phase :)


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