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Sunday, March 12, 2006


I nearly had a panic attack when I followed the email link from my friend in DC to the column that featured my rant about that idiot Phelps. Figures, the one time I let loose with gutter-level language and its spattered all over the Wahsington Post. Too much publicity for me!

4 Years Ago Guy has been MIA for a week or so; Anatomy practicals and family obligations. Late night IM's are about all we could muster this past week.

Home Depot guy was over last week for our once every two weeks movie night. We're both Netflix subscribers so between us its 6 new movies a week. Before we could get to movie night HD Guy had some venting to do; he was upset at the post introducing him. No, its not what you think. He doesn't like his name, HD Guy. Snippet of the conversation.

HDG: Why do I get a stupid name like HD Guy?

Me: Would you rather I use your real name?

HDG: Yes, and pictures too, I like publicity. In fact, I feel a photo shoot coming on, get your camera!, he said, attempting an authoritarian tone.

At this point HD Guy started a strip tease. Off came the t-shirt, which he wrapped around his head like a turban. The flip-flops made their trajectory from his feet to the other side of the living room. The strip tease morphed into one of those dances you see in every Bollywood movie, which sent me into a laughing fit I couldn't stop. I had to physically stop him before the pants dropped. Thats all I need, my neighbor, Gladys Kravitz, with his prune-like eyes pressed against his binoculars watching HD Guy do a strip tease in my living room with a t-shirt wrapped around his head. Never give Gladys a reason to talk to you, its a conversation with no end.

I made my way to kitchen, the Bollywood stripper with the T-shirt turban followed. I whipped up a couple

Shanghai Cosmos
  • 1 part Vodka
  • 1 part Sake
  • 1/4 part Cran
  • splash of pineapple
  • twist of lime

  • HD Guy objected to the color, it was pink. Somehow drinking a pink drink interfered with his macho self-image. Okie dokie, I made him another with white cranberry juice, which was biege, machismo restored.

    Shanghai Cosmos seemed to calm him down a bit. At least enough to get to the movies. HD Guy brought over Mambo Italiano. It was a cute movie but you already know the story: gay Italian cop falls for gay Italian travel agent. Yeah, we've heard that one a million times. It had a My Big Fat Greek Wedding feel-good feeling, just swap out straight with gay and Greek with Italian.

    HD Guy will have to watch that one at home since he fell asleep about 15 minutes into it. I guess all that dancing really wiped him out, poor guy. I should have taken a picture since he fell asleep with the t-shirt turban still wrapped around his head. It would make good faux-blackmail fodder ;)


    Blogger The Persian said...

    I've never had a cosmo, how much of a loser am I? Mambo Italiano is the funniest movie (having been raised by an Italian mother, and being gay myself) plus OMG the eye candy (the cop not the boy).

    Sorry your friend passed out, why didnt you post pics? He said it was ok!!!!!

    7:56 AM

    Blogger Jim said...

    You arent missing out, not having tried the cosmo. Good, not wow.

    I liked Mambo and yes, Miller (the cop) is very good-looking. I thought it was funny that the Italian gay men were played by men that were neither gay nor Italian. Hollywood! :)

    9:42 PM


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